'Loneliness' prompts acting break for Renner

Ben Arnold
Yahoo UK Movies News
14 August 2012

Jeremy Renner has revealed that he's taking a break from acting after he found it isolated him from his family and friends.

The star of 'Avengers Assemble' and the new Bourne film 'The Bourne Legacy' is currently hot Hollywood property, but it seems the workload is now taking its toll, after filming both films plus 'Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol' back-to-back.

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“I've only made it home two weeks in two years. I've been so lucky - I've got to travel to parts of the planet I'd never even heard of. It's been like the blinders coming off,” he told Glamour magazine.

“It's lonely. I'm doing the most amazing things and couldn't be happier, but I have no-one to share with outside of a director or someone I've just met. So now I'm back in LA after two years and I've just seen my brother and I'm like, 'Where do I begin?'

“I've purposely put my head in a hole and told my agent I need a break. I'll catch up on some movies, do a bit of reading, mend some friendships, see family and friends I haven't seen and slowly integrate back into real life.”

Forthcoming projects for Renner include 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters', with Gemma Arterton, and a thriller from director David O. Russell.

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