Russell Crowe captures a UFO on camera?

Les Mis star posts bizarre video of his close encounter online.

Russell Crowe claims to have captured a UFO on camera, flying over Sydney’s Botanical Gardens.

The ‘Les Miserables’ star posted some of the bizarre footage online – filmed through his apartment window. Take a look at the video above.

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Crowe posted the 23 second clip to his YouTube Account (weirdly named ParallelUniverse1234), and excitedly tweeted his 825,000 followers about his finding: “UFO? Time Lapse Photos Outside RC's Woolloomooloo Office (THESE ARE REAL!)”.

The 48 year-old New Zealand-born Australian actor then defended his discovery from skeptical comments, stating: “Canon 5D, No Flash, can't be a lense flare because it moves , camera is fixed”

“It's not a video it is 3 time lapse photo's taken in 4.5 seconds,” he added.

Oscar winner Crowe had his close encounter after he and a friend set up a camera to capture fruit bats rising from the Gardens at Sydney suburb Woolloomooloo – around 250 metres from Crowe’s apartment. “This was a big surprise," tweeted the actor.

"Come on RC. It could have been more believable without all the editing. Just raw footage would have made it viral,” one user, RoadToDawnZ, commented.

What do you think? Genuinely unexplainable? Or does Russell need to lay off the sci-fi?