"Shaun of the Dead was apology to my ex-girlfriend"

Writer and director Edgar Wright is famously guarded about his personal life. But finally he has admitted the motivation behind 'Shaun of the Dead' was personal.

In an interview with 'The Sunday Times' newspaper, Wright reveals 'Shaun' was "a long apology to my ex-girlfriend, saying, 'I'm sorry I was useless'."

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Wright's last film, 'Scott Pilgrim vs the World', was of course about battling ex-lovers in your past. He is rumoured to have dated Charlotte Hatherley, once of the band Ash, and more recently the actress, Anna Kendrick, who appeared in 'Scott Pilgrim vs the World'.

Wright, the director of 'Shaun', 'Spaced' and 'Hot Fuzz' also revealed that he and co-writer Simon Pegg speeded up the writing of their new film, 'The World's End' as a tribute to his producer, Working Title's Eric Fellner, who had been diagnosed with "extremely advanced cancer".

Instead of making the much discussed Marvel adaptation, 'Ant-Man', Wright told its producers that 'The World's End' had to come first.

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The result is out in just under two weeks. Fellner has just had the all clear.

In the interview, Wright also confesses he is directly responsible for his 'Shaun' and 'Hot Fuzz  star Martin Freeman being cast in 'The Hobbit'. "I hope he won't mind me saying this, but I'm one of the people who pushed Martin on Peter Jackson when they were talking about Bilbo."

His gang of director friends includes Jackson, Guillermo del Toro and geek brother, Quentin Tarantino.

In 2007 they recorded a commentary for 'Hot Fuzz' in which they mention almost 200 films and TV shows. "I know a lot of directors who don't go to the movies at all, "Wright says incredulously. 'I like to think of myself as an audience member and Quentin is very similar. He's got the most amazing home cinema, and yet he will go and see everything in the [movie] theatre."

'The World's End' opens 19 July

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