'Zero love' for Dark Knight Rises from Oscar judges

Ben Arnold
Yahoo UK Movies News
26 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises' could be set for disappointment at this year's Oscars, after a screening for judges left them unimpressed.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, many of the LA film industry bigwigs who make up the judging panel felt that its chances of scooping gongs at next year's ceremony are now slim.

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“People were kind of disappointed,” said one academy member. “It wasn't because of [Colorado]. I just don't think that this picture will get any nominations [beyond technical nods].”

Novelist and academy member Brett Easton Ellis echoed the feeling, tweeting: “Not that it really matters, but there was zero love for The Dark Knight Rises at the packed academy screening in Los Angeles tonight.”

Another audience member remarked that the acting was 'unremarkable', adding: “I don't think it can be nominated as best picture.”

Academy members usually give films that bring most enthusiasm a standing ovation, but according to reports the film only generated 'sporadic applause'.

The film has so far received widespread critical acclaim, though not quite the same plaudits as its predecessor, 'The Dark Knight', which saw Heath Legder scoop the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor posthumously.

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