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Dream Wife

“I‘m not a body/ I’m somebody!” shouts Rakel Mjoll over a hailstorm of punk-pop chords and a buckshot spray of beats. Those lines can be found in “Somebody,” an anti-objectifying anthem from Dream Wife’s debut. The catchiness of its chorus and the relish in the delivery makes the song a relatable rallying cry. An Icelandic/British amalgam, Dream Wife came together at Brighton University when the three visual arts students realized they could have more impact in music. Singer Mjoll (the Icelandic member), guitarist Alice Go, and bassist Bella Podpadec comprise the group. Their debut, which comes out in January 2018, flings together the discordant chords of Gang of Four with the force of Hole and the panache of the Go-Go’s. And as much punk attitude as the group channels, their songs have the catchiness of fine pop. (Photo: Gus Stewart/Redferns)

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