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‘Alien Vs Predator’

The movie’s tagline was depressingly on the money – “Whoever wins… we lose” indeed – but at least the poster made it look like a match-up worth waiting for. For years, fans had clamoured to see the two biggest alien badasses from across the cinematic galaxy fighting each other, and this poster gave us a hint of what we might expect. Unfortunately, ‘Alien Vs Predator’ came across like a slightly more polished version of internet fan fiction. We’ll have to make do with this hieroglyphic-style face-off and imagine what could have been.

10 Bad Films That Had Really Cool Posters

Posters don’t always tell the whole story of a movie – in fact, sometimes they intentionally try and mis-sell them to you. Check out this collection of awesome posters that you’d happily hang on any of your walls, despite the fact they’re advertising terrible films you’ll never want to watch again…