The 10 Beauty Gifting Campaigns Which Drove the Most Influencer Interest in 2023

What defines an effective influencer gifting campaign?

Scale, product novelty and value are all key considerations according to Courtney Siegel, vice president of marketing at user-generated content platform, Skeepers.

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In an era where macroinfluencers are flooding For You Pages with unboxing videos in which the contents of several PR mailers are haphazardly unloaded in one sitting — much to the growing fatigue of viewers — the value of product performance-focused UGC is rising.

“Consumers want to know how a product looks, how it feels, how [a creator] likes or dislikes it, how it touches your skin,” said Siegel, adding that the average TikTok follower count among Skeepers’ creator community is 70,000, with 50 percent of the platform’s 100,000 creators having under 10,000 followers. “We work with micro- and nano-influencers because that’s what we think can have the best benefit for brand; it’s proven that they have higher engagement than macro influencers and celebrities.”

According to Anna Araman, Skeepers’ senior vice president, North America, fragrance and makeup brands in particular are “taking off” on the platform, while high-value and high-price point offerings, like those by hair tool brand Shark Beauty, are seeing a swell in interest.

“The popularity of a brand, the newness of the brand and its products — those are two of the biggest factors in [generating interest],” she said.

In general, the platform recommends brand giftings have a value of at least $40. “If you’re promoting lip pencils or something where the price is a bit lower, we recommend doing bundles, because you’ll see more demand,” Siegel said.

In terms of creative strategy — that’s best left in the hands of the creator. “The beauty of UGC is that it’s rough and real; that’s why TikTok exploded in the first place,” Siegel said. “Give influencers a brief with some guidelines, but don’t micromanage — it’s a fine balance that you have to find.”

Here, the 10 beauty campaigns which drove the most influencer interest via Skeepers in 2023.

  1. Gisou: Iconic Oils Set Campaign

  2. Huda Beauty: Beauty Easy Bake and Snatch Pressed Brightening and Setting Powder Campaign

  3. Gisou: Honey Infused Lip Oil Campaign

  4. Estée Lauder: Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation Campaign

  5. MAC Cosmetics: Holiglam Blush Campaign

  6. Estée Lauder: Futurist Tint Campaign

  7. Jo Malone London: Sofia Richie Grainge’s Signature Holiday Scent Campaign

  8. Sunday Riley: CEO Serum Campaign

  9. Sol de Janeiro: Bum Bum Body Obsession Holiday Set Campaign

  10. Shark Beauty: Shark FlexStyle FrizzFigher Finishing Tool Gift Set Campaign

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