10 Beauty Products InStyle Editors Are Loving Right Now

<p>Oribe/ Bobbi Brown/ Glow Recipe</p>

Oribe/ Bobbi Brown/ Glow Recipe

As I write this, we're T-minus four days away from the first day of spring. So, naturally, we're hyper-focused on any and all products that will give us bright, dewy skin, hydrated, flowing hair, and statement-making makeup looks.

From the curl butter that keeps our beauty director's curls looking fabulous to the brightening serum I can't get enough of, you can shop all the products we've loved over the past month below.

Glow Recipe Cloudberry Bright Essence Toner

<p>Glow Recipe</p>

Glow Recipe

Over the past three months, I’ve relished using Glow Recipe’s Cloudberry Bright Essence as my first step after cleansing, morning and night. It works to boost absorption of what follows and leave skin clearer and brighter—both instantly and over time—first, with its namesake superfruit cloudberry (which contains three times the vitamin C of an orange and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids), and then with other antioxidant-rich ingredients, like CoQ10, rice water, and amino acids. It’s a sensorial delight with its light, citrusy scent and watery texture that sinks right in. — Lauren Valenti, beauty director

La Roche Posay Mela B3

<p>La Roche Posay</p>

La Roche Posay

My biggest skin concern is hyperpigmentation. More specifically, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation — any time I get a pimple, I'm left with a reminder of it in the form of a dark spot for months after. So when La Roche-Posay launched this serum in December, I was desperate to get my hands in it. Last month, I visited the LRP factory and saw, in action, how the serum works to inhibit excess melanin production at a cellular level. The formula is both proactive and reactive, and after the past month of using it, I already see past marks fading and much less significant scarring from new pimples. — Kara Jillian Brown, beauty editor

Trillion Skin Care Trilogy



I'm so excited about the launch of skin-care brand Trillion. The new three-product line was created with scientists to target the microbiome, making skin less prone to inflammation, acne, hyperpigmentation, and sensitivity. It's the easiest way to overhaul your skin-care routine heading into spring.  — Samantha Brash, director of content strategy

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer



There’s nothing like a shimmering tinted lip gloss to hide the sins of chapped lips. And lately, I really can’t get enough of the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer in warm-toned pink Rosewood. It’s supercharged with cherry oil and hyaluronic acid and supplies a gorgeous veil of color while instantly plumping my lips with a cooling, minty sensation. I'm obsessed with the vanilla scent and how lovely it feels on my lips — on top of them looking way fuller with a dewy shine. — L.V.

Balmain Hair Perfume



With this sweet and spicy fragrance, my hair always smells just as good as it looks. It's a ginger scent with notes of vanilla and woods for a warm scent that translates through the seasons. Balmain hair perfume also comes in two other scents, Cardamon 1974 and Vetiver 1974, but this one is my absolute favorite. — K.J.B.

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Smoothing Serum

<p>Bobbi Brown</p>

Bobbi Brown

I’ve always loved Bobbi Brown’s cult-favorite Face Base, so I was all over the new Vitamin Enriched Smoothing Serum (which doubles as an essence). First, yes, it has the same delightful citrusy smell, which perks me up in the morning. (I use it as a base underneath my makeup.) It plumps my skin instantly and keeps it hydrated throughout the day thanks to its blend of niacinamide, vitamin C, cactus flower, and a special HydroGlow fruit complex. — L.V.

Thrive Causemetics Tubing Mascara



Naturally, my lashes are very curly, so much so, they appear shorter than they are. So lengthening mascaras are non-negotiable in my routine. This one from Thrive Causmetics is so good it feels like sorcery. The tubing formula lengthens my lashes beautifully without any flaking during the day. The formula stays put all day long, and with a little cleansing balm before bed, it wipes off with ease. — K.J.B.

Oribe Styling Butter



I’m often asked what my go-to styling product for my curls is and, for years, it’s been Oribe’s Styling Butter. While, yes, it’s a lush butter, it’s incredibly lightweight, gliding through my damp hair smoothly and sinking right in. Once dry, my curls are springy and defined, yet astonishingly soft and silky; I swear you wouldn’t even know there’s product in my hair! Not to be dramatic, but I truly don’t know what I’d do without it! — L.V.

Yon-Ka Gommage Doux



I love to exfoliate year-round, but it becomes a real priority as we enter spring. I feel like I'm sloughing away my winter skin, ready to step into the sunshine renewed. This scrub from Yon-Ka has become my secret weapon over the last few weeks. It has a super creamy formula enhanced with a blend of bamboo and apricot seed powders to buff away dead cells without leaving my skin stripped or depleted. — K.J.B.

Huda Beauty Kohl Liners

<p>Huda Beauty</p>

Huda Beauty

My new go-to beauty eye look has consisted of a swipe of brown eyeshadow and a smoked-out wing. This new-to-me habit is all thanks to this creamy eyeliner from Huda Beauty. It glides on like butter and smudges beautifully so I can get a super pretty, imperfect look. When I want a lighter look, I'll grab the brown shade, as it still adds dimension without being too severe. But on days when I want drama, I use it in black on both my upper lid and lower water line. — K.J.B.

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