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8. Overlord

Basically, imagine Inglourious Basterds meets From Dusk Till Dawn, and that’s Overlord, the most action-packed horror flick of the year. Set on the eve of D-Day, we follow a gang of plucky paratroopers as they encounter a whole bunch of monsters best left to your imagination until you’ve had a chance to see the film. Overlord didn’t find its audience in cinemas, but its quality means it’ll be enjoyed for years to come.

10 best horror films of 2018 - from 'Halloween' to 'A Quiet Place'

Sam Ashurst

It’s been a stunning year for horror movies, with a wide-range of high-class shockers jostling for a place in our top 10 of 2018.

With the competition more intense than a James Wan jump-scare, we’ve finally narrowed down the very best ten of a very good year.

Click through the gallery for our selections, but brace yourself for some nasty surprises…

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