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Like candy apples and trick or treating, Hocus Pocus is a hilarious and haunting Halloween classic that stands the test of time. From a talking black cat to witches, magic spells and even a foul-mouthed zombie, this 1993 Disney movie takes all your favorite parts of this holiday and combines them into one ultimate Halloween movie masterpiece. In fact, Hocus Pocus still airs on Disney Channel and Freeform (formerly ABC Family) every year and has developed a cult following of fans who are (understandably) majorly obsessed with the Sanderson sisters.

But even the most loyal fans miss a few details here and there. No matter how many times you might have seen Winifred, Mary and Sarah sashay down the sidewalk in unison or figure out how to navigate the wonders of public transportation, Hocus Pocus is the movie that is always full of surprises. Here are a few head-scratching facts you probably missed about the film that might make you want to go watch it one more time.