10 home remedies to get rid of seasonal flu

Sudhakar G
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Man coughing into his fist, isolated on a gray background
Man coughing into his fist, isolated on a gray background

Cold is a very pestering illness, especially in the chilly winters.

Given the situation the world is in currently, it is getting nearly difficult to have a cold and think of it as just a common cold. The fear that one may have contracted the Coronavirus, is an increasing phenomenon lately.

So it is very important to stay healthy and far away from a cold. But in case the winter chills do give you a runny or a stuffy nose and a sore throat, follow these simple at-home remedies for a congestion-free nose.

  1. Sip on warm liquids: Continuously sipping on fluids is well-known and the simplest relief for cold. Drinking warm fluids all-day during the chills is relaxing and also comforting to the body. A cup of chai sure does the trick.

  1. Nasal drop/sprays: High-quality nasal sprays get the work done, almost every time. Just a drop or two in the congested nasal passageway at regular intervals. Consulting a physician for the right variety of Analgesics helps.

  1. Saltwater Gargle: A frequent saltwater gargle helps relieve the upper part of the throat and the respiratory system. It helps rightly moisten the otherwise dry throat during the cold.

  1. Steam: Inhaling steam provides instant relief in unclogging the nasal and the entire throat area. The moisture helps with the dry throat too. Adding a drop or two of your favourite essential oil makes the aroma worthwhile and the particles in the oil help clear the mucous in the respiratory system.

  1. Keep the things clean: Opening doors to dust or sweeping at home attracts particles of fine dust that are allergic to the respiratory system, aggravating the cold. Always ensure that the surroundings are clean so that you breathe clean.

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  1. Over the counter medicines: OTC drugs work quickly if you are looking for immediate relief. Lozenges or cough drops are small tablet-sized pills that are mostly chewable. These are widely preferred.

  1. Vitamin C: Intake of Vitamin C as a supplement or as a part of diet helps build immunity to keep bacteria and viruses away. Taking Vitamin C tablets during a cold helps alleviate the symptoms and stabilize the body.

  1. Avoid public spaces: Public places are a brooding room for bacteria. Avoiding them as much as possible helps you stay away from pathogens.

  1. Warm bath: Enjoying a long and warm bath, preferably with suitable bath salts, helps relax the mind and the warmth seeps into your body, calming it altogether, providing relief.

  1. Chicken soup: Last but not least, chicken soup works wonders for a cold. As odd as that might seem, the nutrients help relieve the cold.

Don’t forget to stay home and stay safe!

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