10 lesser-known facts about controversial YouTuber Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati

The 20-year-old YouTube star who rose to fame by posting roast-centric videos got caught in a massive controversy and attained new stardom after his YouTube vs TikTok video went viral on the interwebs.

With differing people presenting differing opinions on the content of his video, what could have been one of the most viewed videos by an Indian YouTuber, has finally been taken off after it broke and created some major records in the history of YouTube.


Here are some interesting and lesser-known facts about the social media star and his works.

The YouTube vs TikTok video crossed 5.2 million “likes” in the first 24 hours, and became the most liked Indian video on the platform. However, with his latest rap, Yalgaar having accumulated over 5.8 million views likes and over 41 million views already, we’d have to wait and watch to see him break his own record and create a new one.

Yalgaar’s view count is on a constant rise, and this is not even his first rap to shatter records. Back in 2019, he had released BYE PEWDIEPIE, in response to Pewdiepie’s constant India bashing. His other works in the music field include TRIGGER (CarryMinati (with Vibgyor), Zindagi (CarryMinati X Wily Frenzy), and Warrior (CarryMinati X Wily Frenzy), all released during 2019-20.

So you know his controversial video was taken down by the platform. However, this is not the first time he had rubbed his host the wrong way. His channel has had its share of copyright strikes and was once banned totally from YouTube. Carry won it back after a long to-and-fro of emails.

Speaking of controversy, do you know ‘controversy’ had met ‘controversy’ when Dhinchak Pooja dared him not to create diss videos on her to gain instant fame and challenged him to make a roast video of himself? His response is here for you all.

CarryMinati vs Dhinchak Pooka

CarryMinati has been a YouTuber since the age of 10. Yup. He started that early. The channel was originally named AddictedA1, then he changed it to CarryDeol, and it is now famous as.. well, you know it. By the way, you’ll know that his real name is Ajey Nagar, don’t ya?

We all may have chosen to “work from home” now, but this social media professional has been doing it since the beginning of his career. He started alone and now has an entire team that works from his Faridabad house that doubles as a studio.

He attended school till 2016, and eventually dropped out to chase a dream career on YouTube. He sure looks confident on-screen, but got shaky just before his Class XII boards exams. It was Economics that got him nervous and he decided to skip the examination as a whole and completed education later through long-distant learning.

Exam fear - we all have it.

The roast video supremo holds five YouTube Creator Awards that include two Silver Play Buttons, two Golden Play Buttons, and a Diamond Play Button. Nagar also has a channel named CarryisLive, and each of the Silver and Gold play buttons were conferred on that channel.

Loved and hated equally for his savage roasting, Carry hadn’t really started his channel with ‘virtual-bashing others’ in mind. He was a gamer and uploaded videos of himself playing games or reacting to gaming videos. Though AddictedA1 dedicated to this addiction failed to do well, you may now catch him live or playing games on CarryisLive.

By now we know the millennial YouTuber has no patience for mincing words, so he has appointed a manager for keeping himself in check. Manager Anirudh Nagpal monitors his work, apparently. The duo has gone places and met celebs like Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill. With his innate interest in football, along with his manager, CarryMinati has enjoyed National Basketball Association matches from coveted corner seats.