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10. 'Dark Tide' (2012) Made: £97

It’s a shocking state of affairs when even a shark movie starring Halle Berry wearing a tiny bikini can’t even gross a ton at the British box-office. Director John Stockwell’s shtick of making movies at the beach - see also: ‘Into The Blue’, ‘Blue Crush’, ‘Paradise Lost’ - got real old real fast. Get a real job, hippy!

The 10 Lowest-Grossing Movies In Britain So Far This Decade

The movie landscape is changing: cinemas are no longer the holy grail when it comes to releasing a film - several studios decide to release straight to DVD or video on demand and bypass the big screen altogether. However, some studios insist that they go big or go home: they shoot for the moon… and miss. Often films are booked into single cinemas to qualify for various tax breaks/contract deals, which leads to paltry-looking box-office figures. It doesn’t tell the whole story, of course: we’re sure several of these films went on to find a life on VOD or Netflix or whatever… but the bottom line doesn’t lie. (Image Credits: Rex Features/YouTube)