These Are the 10 Most Popular Sex Toys at Ella Paradis, According to Buyers

Numbers don't lie (usually), which is why we took the liberty of rounding up ten of the most popular sex toys at Ella Paradis, one of our favorite discreet online sex retailers. And besides considering units sold (which says a lot on its own), we also dug through honest reviews from buyers themselves. So, in other words, whether you go for the Satisfyer Pro 2, Better Love Rabbit Lily or the We-Vibe Chorus, you'll be in for many an exciting night. Keep reading for the ten best sex toys to buy from Ella Paradis right this minute. Oh, and did we mention most of them are on sale right now? You can't lose.

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1. Better Love Rabbit Lily Vibrator

More Than 300k Units Sold

This soft silicone vibrator checks all the boxes. Not only does it have a two-motor design that stimulates your G-spot and tickles the clitoris at the same time for maximum pleasure, but it also has ten powerful settings, is USB rechargeable, 100 percent waterproof and phthalate-free.

Customer review: "This product is absolutely amazing, and I’m so happy with the purchase. The vibrations are so strong and will leave your knees weak. The different vibrations make the overall sensation so much better and your partner can even help use this toy."

Buy It ($225; $60)

2. Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

More Than 200k Units Sold

Thanks to this gorgeous, sleek toys' unique air pulse sensation, whisper-quiet motor and 11 intensity levels, longer, stronger and repeated orgasms have never been more effortless. PureWow readers also named it the best clitoral sex toy on the market in an anonymous poll, so you can bet it gets the job done.

Customer review: "I was unsure about trying this type of toy, but with all of the reviews and this one being one of the top sellers (on many sites), I thought I'd start here. Well, I started and finished very quickly. I am a repeat fan, for sure! I can happily say this is one of my new favorites and something that feels unlike anything else. Shockingly strong orgasms and sensations make this one a must for your collection."

Buy It ($75; $60)

3. Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator

More Than 200k Units Sold

In case you didn't know, air technology clitoral stimulation is like the air fryer of sex toys—the new tech is all the rage. And this model comes with two stimulation heads. All you do is hold it next to your clitoris and choose between 12 levels of air pressure that fans say gives them more intense orgasms than they’ve ever experienced.

Customer review: "This will seriously change your life, I ordered mine after getting out of a six-month relationship, and I swear you will not miss sex if you have this. It works wonders."

Buy IT ($199)

4. Better Love Butterfly Clitoral Stimulator

More Than 100k Units Sold

This beautiful, body-safe silicone vibrator is a no-brainer when it comes to getting off in style, which is why it's no wonder that it's been bought by more than 100,000 customers. It's designed with ergonomic suction technology with ten settings, and it aligns with the curvature of your body, so you can get the most pleasurable orgasm.

Customer review: "This has been my travel buddy since day one. It's compact yet very powerful. It's great during those boring and stressful times. I love mode number six since it just gives me the right amount of suction and makes me wanna go one more round. I just enjoy this little fellah."

Buy IT ($225; $60)

5. Better Love Blowfish Clitoral Stimulator

More Than 100k Units Sold

You can think of this bad boy as a two-in-one, because it's not only double-sided for extra stimulation, but it has a mindblowing magic tongue function that mimics real oral sex. It's also got seven suction modes, giving you total control over how powerful you want it down there.

Customer review: "SATISFACTION level 100! I am not kidding. I can say my money was not wasted on a sex toy. This blowfish did not disappoint me, how it works is magical, the tongue function is my favorite."

Buy IT ($225; $60)

6. Womanizer Duo Stimulator & Vibrator

More Than 100k Units Sold

Why choose between a stimulator and a vibrator when you can have both, are we right? This toy builds on the success of the original Womanizer, which uses SmartSilence tech to deliver quiet puffs of air when placed near the skin, and a standby mode when it's not. The rabbit vibrator has 12 intensity levels and 12 modes to stimulate that exact spot you're looking for. So basically, it's engineered to provide multiple orgasms (and increase their intensity as you keep going).

Customer review: "This is my favorite toy above them all. The dual function is doing great as expected. There's nothing not to like about this toy. It's so perfect in so many ways. I love it!"

Buy IT ($210)

7. Lelo Sona Cruise

More Than 65k Units Sold

The popular Lelo Sona Cruise features eight toe-curling settings to enjoy, so it'll be hard to get tired of it. Plus, it's waterproof, USB-rechargeable, incredibly quiet and made of silky, soft silicone, so it's super easy to clean (and you can totally take it into the shower). But the thing that most folks love about the toy is its cruise control feature that basically lets you use it hands-free, so you don't have to worry about blowing the mood by toggling through buttons.

Customer review: "Sona Cruise was my choice because I wanted more power. I was not wrong. The product has delivered what I asked for. One might say that it is a revolutionary sex toy thanks to its sonic waves that penetrate deep. It is definitely a toy like no other. I love it."

Buy It ($138; $90)

8. Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

More Than 60k Units Sold

This guy has a huge range of intensities, so be warned; you’ll probably want to try each of them at least once to find the one that brings you the most mind-blowing pleasure. Plus, it's waterproof, making it safe for bathtub and shower play and the smooth silicone design makes it very easy to clean.

Customer review: "I love everything about this product! From its packaging, storage bag, waterproof feature and sensation-intensity. I feel like I'm getting addicted to it. LOL! It just gives me sweet chills always."

Buy It ($159; $110)

9. We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator

More Than 55k Units Sold

Whether your partner is next to you on the couch or traveling across the country for a work trip, the We-Vibe Chorus can help to bridge the gap and bring the two of you closer together. This silicone toy has a bendable C-shape and is intended for simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation. You can use it solo or with a partner, and the toy’s three speeds and seven patterns can provide extra pleasure for a partner during penetration. The toy also connects to We-Vibe’s free app, so you can share control of the device, no matter how near or far. Even the remote control is innovative—the tighter you grasp it, the more intense the toy’s vibrations become.

Customer review: "This toy is magic! No way something can make you feel so good! My partner and I are so happy with our purchase! The satisfaction it provides is easily worth the price! The app makes it a vulnerable bonding exercise while the toy's flexibility and modes make it a rollercoaster of sensations!"

Buy IT ($199)


Exclusively sold on Ella Paradis, the Better Love Tap Dancer is known for being one of the best clitoral stimulators on the market. Created with patented technology, it was developed to mimic the human touch you would feel during clitoral foreplay, but with lots of variety added into the mix. It has a great range of speeds and patterns to get busy with.

Customer review: "Omg why the hell am I in my 30s and only just found out about this little beauty! Honestly, can’t recommend it enough! I never thought I could orgasm like this ever!"

Buy IT ($176; $70)

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