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Best Original Musical or Comedy Score

This category has gone through more name changes and restrictions than most categories. The Best Score category was added in 1934 but it was split into two categories in 1938 after the controversial win of One Hundred Men And A Girl (which had no credited composer) to Best Scoring and Best Original Score. By 1942, these categories had been renamed Best Music Score of a Dramatic Picture and Best Scoring of a Musical Picture and the latter later included Comedy Score in its title.
The last award given for Best Original Musical or Comedy Score was at the 57th Academy Awards to Prince for Purple Rain. The category technically still exists, it just hasn’t had enough submissions to warrant inclusion.

10 weird Oscars categories that were discontinued

Hanna Flint

The Academy Awards began in 1928 and during its early years there were a few awards that barely lasted to do the mid-20th Century.

These categories were a reflection of the films of the time as Hollywood’s Golden Era transitioned into a technicolor and digital age.

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