This 10-second foundation tip for preventing cakey makeup has gone viral on TikTok

 10-second foundation tip TikTok.
10-second foundation tip TikTok.

A 10-second foundation hack that is said to help prevent cakey-looking makeup has gone viral on TikTok - and all you need is a setting spray and a beauty blender sponge. Needless to say, we're trying it immediately. 

The best foundations are one of the cornerstones of makeup - even if you have perfect skin (we envy you), you might still want to use a foundation, cc cream, or skin tint to even out any discolouration on your face or just go for a totally flawless complexion. Sometimes, though, if the makeup is on the face for too long, it can develop that dreaded cakey texture, pilling into certain areas of your face and becoming more susceptible to smudging or removal.

If that sounds like an experience you've tried to prevent before, we just found a beauty hack over on TikTok that only takes 10 seconds and boasts the ability to eliminate any cakey texture, even if you're wearing your foundation for hours and hours at a time.

"If your foundation looks like this at the end of the day, really dry, cakey, and separated, then let me help you," TikTok user Kelly Strack, known for her beauty and makeup content, explains in her video.

She says that this simple hack gives her a "smooth, flawless base that actually lasts," and all you need to do it is a makeup blending sponge and your favourite setting spray.

Kelly then advises to apply your favourite foundation or skin tint to your face with your hands, gently blending it in and pressing it into your skin as you go, as you normally would.

After you've done that, dampen your makeup sponge, and then spritz some setting spray all over the beauty blender, applying the product "all around" the sponge for flawless coverage.

Then, take your setting spray-covered sponge, and continue to blend your foundation into your skin with it. "This is going to help to not only set the foundation with the setting spray, but also smooth and blend everything flawlessly," Kelly said as she finished showing how to do her 10-second foundation hack.

Sounds too good to be true, no? In fact, after a fan commented asking if this hack works for dry skin, Kelly said that this hack works on all skin types, even dry skin - as she has dry skin herself.

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