11 Home Design Trends That Need A Major Revival In 2024 To Infuse Some Personality Back Into Our Homes

As someone who spends plenty of time indulging in HGTV and working on my illustrious and successful career as a dream home decorator...in The Sims, I feel rightfully qualified to share all of the home design, home architecture, home-anything trends that I desperately need to see erase the dreary and oftentimes sterile trends we see today.

Modern minimalist kitchen with a sleek table set for tea, featuring a lamp and a fireplace
Andreas Von Einsiedel / Getty Images

So let's dive into some home trends I deeply wish would make a strong comeback:

1.Conversation Pits and Sunken Living Rooms

Interior of a room with unique wooden structures and a red artwork on the wall

2.Closed Floor Plans

Architectural blueprints with detailed floor plan layouts for a residential house

3.Color, Color, Color

Interior room with modern furniture a fireplace and a vibrant orange chair

4.Wallpaper and Accent Walls

An elegant room with floral wallpaper a classic armchair and a small table beside a large window


Elegant home entryway with staircase, chandelier, and double front doors

6.Tuscan Kitchens

Elegant kitchen with arched entryway, granite countertops, and detailed wooden cabinetry

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Hair styling tool against a neutral backdrop with text "Ceci n'est pas une ad" which translates to "This is not an ad."


Spare interior scene with a bench, plants, and decorative items on shelves in a room with arched architectural details

8.Vintage and Repurposed Furniture

An antique shop interior with various furniture items, chandeliers, and a grandfather clock

9.Glass Bricks

Room with checkered floor and glass brick shower, with pink accents and modern decor

10.Textured Ceilings

Ceiling fan with light fixture attached, mounted on a textured ceiling, near a window with pink curtains


Modern bathroom with freestanding tub, sink, and mirror and marble walls and counters

At the end of the day, all of this stuff is subjective, and no one can decide what you can and cannot love or put in your home except you. So do whatever you want to ensure that your home is truly your temple.

Have any home design trends you wish would make a comeback? Let me know in the comments!