12 cool tech and home appliances to gift newly weds

Wedding gift ideas

Love is in the air! The season of celebrating love with our close ones is here. If you are fortunate enough to get invited to a wedding this season, but stuck as to what the latest gadgets are around that would make a great gift, you don’t need to worry!

We’ve found some of the greatest offers on gadgets that go on during the wedding season so that you can make a saving and treat your loved ones to something special.

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Canon EOS 1500D (EF S18-55mm IS II Lens) DSLR Camera with 16GB Card and Carry Case (Black) - BUY NOW - 6% OFF

To really capture those memories, a phone camera just won’t cut it - the blurriness when you zoom in, your finger getting in the way of the camera and the battery being used up because you’ve been using your maps all day on it.

Just because your phone camera won’t cut it doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t try and capture those memories. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just love taking photos of your children growing up - Canon’s iconic EOS 1500D will surpass your expectations at an affordable cost.

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Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case With Sport Black Band - BUY NOW - was ₹23900 - NOW ₹31900

Commonly given as a wedding gift is a watch, but in this day and age, most watches are limited to just telling the time - but not this watch.

With a battery life of up to 18 hours and water resistant down to 50 metres, there is pretty much nowhere this watch can’t come with you on. Using the touch screen to navigate through the menu, responding to text messages or accepting a call. Perhaps you’re in a rush or are trying to navigate your way to a new restaurant or office to speak with clients? Just use the GPS and follow it much like a sat nav, but on your wrist.

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Inalsa Fiesta Lx 650 W Food Processor - BUY NOW - 47% OFF

Cooking and dining brings the family closer together. Especially when pouring your love and care into what you’re making.

Some parts of cooking, however, feel more of a chore than a hobby such as cutting onions or other tedious vegetables. Not only do they take so long while you could be focusing on other things, repetitively cutting also dulls your blade on your knife over time.

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Amazon Echo 3rd Gen Bluetooth Speaker - BUY NOW

Homes are becoming smarter by the year. Inviting Amazon Echo into your home makes your life much easier. Schedule a meeting with the manager at half one. Is it going to rain in two hours when I leave the restaurant? When is it my mother's birthday?

Integrating your calendar and emails to your Amazon Echo will make Amazon echo know your schedule better than you do, just by saying a command she will remind you - much like an assistant in your own home. The Amazon Echo also doubles up as a speaker.

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Tefal Apprecia 6 Cups Coffee Maker - BUY NOW - 34% OFF

Sipping coffee is where the day begins. Rolling out of bed, followed by putting your cosy slippers on, get your caffeine dose by the press of a button in your own home. Compact and efficient, the coffee machine will take up minimal room on your counter space. Designed with an anti drip system to prevent any mess.

Whether it’s just you or the whole family drinking, this hot coffee machine will brew for up to six people at a time, so nobody misses out.

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Samsung S10+ 128 GB Ram Dual Sim 4g - BUY NOW - 6% OFF

The Samsung S10+ is the upgrade needed for any smartphone fanatic. With the powerful 2.2 Ghz Octa-core Exynos9 9820 Processor and 8GB RAM means your phone can handle all the strain and activity you put on it.

Storing folders, videos, music or images on the phone will be no hassle with the 128 GB storage.

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LG B9 138cm (55 inch) Ultra HD (4K) OLED Smart TV - BUY NOW - 36% OFF

If your relationship with those getting married it extremely close or want to give a joint gift from a few people then I’ve listed below a slightly more expensive but the impressive gift.

LG’s finely engineered smart TV features ThinQ AI, which works with Google Assistant and Alexa to act as your assistant. The groom and bride can both kick their feet up and watch their favourite TV shows like luxury. The smart TV means you can use the interface and automatically have access to logging in on Netflix, [Amazon] PRIME video, Apple airplay and many more, making this more than just a TV.

The large 55 inch screen gives you the perfect view from any distance in the room.

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CATZ VR 3D Universal Glasses (Black) - BUY NOW - 36% OFF

Put on the universal VR glasses and take yourself to another dimension. With the adjustable design to ensure comfortability and the super face foam protector so your face is cushioned, simply place your smartphone into the compartment in the glasses and access the hundreds of apps on the internet and app store using the smart goggles. Whether you want to bop around in space or take part in 3d gaming including 360 degree views of fighter jets, the choice is limitless.

Pair with earphones plugged into smartphone for an out of this world experience. 

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iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - BUY NOW 

Whenever doing your chores do you think, “damn, when are robots going to take over doing the day to day cleaning so I can focus on other stuff?” - Me too.

Fortunately, iRobot Roomba can tick off cleaning the floors for you so you can focus on other stuff. Simply by pressing the button on roomba and the robot will do the magic work using the Aero Force Cleaning System with a carpet boost - increasing power when the surface changes.

Roomba makes sure to never miss a spot by using its tracker. If Roombas battery starts to go too low mid clean, don’t stress, Roomba will doc itself until fully charged and carry on where it left off. Being designed with size in mind, the convenient compart shape allows Roomba o fit in any tight spaces or under furniture that you may not be able to clean.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote - BUY NOW

Amazon Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote streams all yours photos and videos in HD quality onto your television. Simply connect via bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi interface. 

You can stream Netflix, YouTube, and many other tv streaming platform perfect for a movie night in.

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Microsoft Xbox One X 1 TB with PlayerUnknown's Battleground  (Black) - BUY NOW - 3% OFF

Perfect for winding down after work or to watch your favourite films on. The Xbox One is one of the most popular game consoles for a reason. With a 1TB Hard drive, you won’t be short for download space.

Not only is this bundle pack include the multiplayer game Player unknown's Background. You can watch movies using the 4K UHD Blu-ray - giving you the most realistic gaming experience when either playing with your friends on multiplayer or completing missions alone.

Chances are, if they’re not a Xbox-er then they’re a fan of the Playstation, which leads onto the next point:

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Sony PS4 Slim 1 TB with Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Uncharted 4 - BUY NOW - 3% OFF

Similar to the Xbox One, competitor Playstation 4 is also at the top of the range for gaming consoles. Also with a hard drive of 1TB you will never be short of storage on downloads of movies or games. The stats are similar to the Xbox One, however the difference is the interface system and the shape of the controller which falls on preference - more popular amongst the two is the Playstation 4.

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