13 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

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Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week's Coronation Street will see Paul descend further into criminal behaviour, while Sarah is caught trying to plot against Damon.

Meanwhile, Tim tries to stop Stephen and Elaine's plans to elope.

Here's a look at 13 big moments coming up.

1. Dee-Dee tries to get through to Paul

dee dee bailey, paul foreman, coronation street

Paul continues to bury his head in the sand after his Motor Neurone Disease diagnosis and refuses to tell the truth to his family.

In a bid to help him come to terms with his condition, Dee-Dee introduces Paul to Trish, a woman she met online who lost her husband to the disease. Trish explains the reality of MND and warns Paul of what to expect.

After their meeting, Dee-Dee urges Paul to tell his family the truth.

2. Dee-Dee uncovers Paul's criminal plans

deedee bailey, paul foreman, coronation street

Paul pressures Damon's dodgy contact Niall to give him another job. When Billy tries to make plans with Paul, Paul covers his tracks and lies that he has already made plans with Dee-Dee.

Later, Dee-Dee is forced to lie on the spot when Billy questions her about her plans with Paul.

Curious about what Paul is up to, Dee-Dee follows him to Freshco's car park and catches him about to steal a car. Furious, Dee-Dee threatens to call the police, but Paul is adamant that his family need the money and speeds off.

3. Paul tries to blackmail Damon

paul foreman, damon, coronation street

Damon is shocked when Paul corners him and threatens to grass him up unless Damon gives him £25,000.

Refusing to be blackmailed by Paul, Damon calls his contacts and demands that they put a stop to Paul's threats.

Damon makes out to Paul that he'll pay the money as soon as he can get his hands on it, and then places a call to Niall telling him to put the plan into action.

4. Damon has a change of heart

paul, damon, coronation street

Paul meets up with Damon expecting to receive the £25,000 but is horrified when Damon admits he doesn't have the cash and that Niall and his brother are out for his blood.

Taking pity on Paul, Damon has a change of heart and orders him to escape before it's too late.

5. Sarah tries to get Damon out of her life

dee dee bailey, sarah barlow, damon, coronation street

Adam reveals to Sarah that he has booked a table at the Bistro for his birthday and Sarah is forced to hide her unease when Damon offers to throw in some complimentary champagne.

At Adam's birthday lunch, Adam tells Nick that some of the locals have objected to the Bistro's late licence application. Meanwhile, Sarah bites her tongue again when Damon joins the couple at their table.

When Maria lets slip that Sarah was one of those who raised an objection, Sarah is mortified but it's clear Damon is enjoying her discomfort.

6. Nick fights for the Bistro's licence

nick tisley, coronation street

Nick and Adam are furious that Sarah raised objections behind their back, but Sarah stands firm and insists the late licence is a bad idea.

Nick refuses to give in and organises a meeting for the locals to air their worries and opinions. He soon catches Sarah out on a lie and is baffled by her behaviour.

Meanwhile, with the meeting due to start, Damon has done a disappearing act. While Brian, Evelyn and Ken make their voices heard, Leanne tries to get in touch with Damon.

7. Tim tries to stop Elaine and Stephen's wedding

tim metcalfe, elaine, coronation street

After a disagreement with Tim, Elaine has had enough and agrees to fly to Las Vegas that afternoon to marry Stephen.

Sally reveals all to Tim about Elaine's sudden wedding plans and he vows to put a stop to it.

Tim makes out that he has accepted Elaine and Stephen's choice to marry and offers to drive them to the airport. When Elaine gets inside the taxi, Tim speeds off with Elaine, leaving Stephen on the doorstep.

8. Stephen makes further plans with Elaine

elaine metcalfe, stephen, coronation street

After Tim's attempts at stopping their wedding, Stephen offers to re-book the tickets so that the pair can get married in Vegas – and points out that he'll need Elaine's passport to do so.

Meanwhile, Stephen struggles to hide his jealousy when he spots Owen flirting with Jenny.

9. Aaron gets an offer from Eric

coronation street

Aaron is surprised when his dad Eric reveals that his nan has passed away and insists that he'd like to take Aaron and Abi for dinner.

Later, Eric shows Aaron the keys to his new flat and suggests that he move back in with him.

10. Amy continues to struggle

amy barlow, coronation street

While Aaron is moving on with his life, Amy continues to struggle in the aftermath of her rape ordeal.

After agreeing to meet a uni friend in town, Amy suffers a panic attack on the bus after a guy sits next to her and she makes the driver pull over.

11. Ryan feels like a burden

daisy, carla, ryan connor , coronation street

Peter tells Carla that he has booked them a mini break, but his plans are shot down when Carla insists that they can't leave Ryan in his current condition.

Peter attempts to rearrange the trip but realises that the travel plans were non-refundable.

When Ryan catches wind of their cancelled trip, he feels guilty that they're missing out because of him.

12. David gets news about Max

max turner, david platt, coronation street

With Max still serving his six-month sentence for encouraging terrorism, David receives news that Max is being considered for early release and confides in Gail.

However, when David visits Max in the STC, he warns Max not to get his hopes up just yet.

13. Eileen regrets encouraging George

eileen grimshaw, george shuttleworth, coronation street

Having been encouraged by Eileen to take up model-making to take his mind off his business worries, George learns that Brian shares the same hobby and accepts his offer to help.

Eileen soon realises she has made a mistake when she returns home to find that George and Brian have accidentally glued her favourite mug to the table.

Meanwhile, George and Brian decide to take their hobby to the next level by entering their model ships into a competition.

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