I'm Seething After Looking At These 15 Photos Of Notes And Signs That Perfectly Encapsulate Late-Stage Capitalism

1.This note telling cashiers that they're not allowed to sit at the register:

Handwritten sign on a chair stating 'We Do Not Sit At The Register This Is Dollar General Not Aldi' indicating seating not allowed
u/Whadyagot / Via reddit.com

2.This notice telling employees that they'd lose sick days if they came into work late:

Notice about sick day policy changes due to system abuse, detailing the non-payment for certain sick days and loss of any unused days at year's end. Signed by management
u/generaljustin3 / Via reddit.com

3.This note that said going to the bathroom was "time theft:"

Sign on wall stating: Bathrooms are not for hanging out, do not come to bathrooms while clocked in as it is considered time theft
u/DeathlessQuotient / Via reddit.com

4.This sign by employees telling customers NOT to tip them with their cards because their employer won't give it to them:

Note on paper saying employees can't keep credit card tips, only cash, with a sad face
u/shibbyman342 / Via reddit.com

5.This sign explaining the rules of the extra 10-minute break someone won:

Sign announcing a 10-min break reward with rules; person's hand with victory sign
u/Physical-Way188 / Via reddit.com

6.This policy stating that employees aren't allowed to go to the emergency room if they're injured while working:

Notice on bulletin board about emergency room procedures for employees, with specific instructions and contact information, partially obscured by purple mark
u/tortilini-houdini / Via reddit.com

7.This sign telling people that work is their home:

Sign reading: "THINK This is your home five days of the week Help keep it clean" placed on a window sill
u/RedBeardsCurse / Via reddit.com

8.This employer who wrote "thief" on their employee's paycheck after said employee reported them for wage theft:

The image shows a close-up of a check with "Thief" written on the memo line, implying a dispute over owed compensation
u/OriginalNotice7957 / Via reddit.com

9.This sign telling employees that they'd have to spend money if they didn't sell enough credit cards:

Handwritten note stating, "Whomever gets the least Credit Card sign-ups has to buy retail snacks."
u/bananadogeh / Via reddit.com

10.This notice telling employees they couldn't request time off for two months:

Sign on wall stating no time off requests in November, December, or before holidays; plan two weeks in advance
u/tortilini-houdini / Via reddit.com

11.This sign blaming the rise in beer costs on employees' wages:

u/Only-Reach-3938 / Via reddit.com

12.This note telling employees that they MUST have open availability:

Sign at a workplace discussing full-time associate availability and scheduling policy
u/AwesomeManatee / Via reddit.com

13.This sign telling employees that they could not bring any drinks or snacks to the sales floor:

Notice on wall about store policy prohibiting personal items, food, drinks, and headphone use on the sales floor
u/gizmodo-0304 / Via reddit.com

14.This sign telling people they'll be demoted depending on their performance reviews:

Notice on door about performance reviews, stating potential demotion if performance is below certain thresholds, signed by GM
u/Ironthumb / Via reddit.com

15.And finally, this notice telling employees that they were being rewarded with cupcakes for helping the company make millions of dollars:

Sign celebrating $90 million in sales for 2022, invites to celebrate with a sundae in the breakroom on 1/29, and encourages team's good work
u/Due_Recording6357 / Via reddit.com