15 Photos Of Scarily Large Objects That'll Make You Feel Like A Tiny Little Speck Of Dust

I've done quite a few posts about megalophobia, which is the intense fear of large objects. I just can't get enough of all the wild photos in the subreddit r/megalophobia, so here are 15 more images that'll make your stomach drop:

1.These massive clouds rolling through mountains:

A huge cloud that looks like an enormous cotton ball over a country road
u/TulogTamad / Via

2.This photos of the world's largest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas:

People walking along the dock and the enormous ship high above them
u/amathis6464 / Via

3.This scene from Pacific Rim:

A huge alien's feet towering over two human beings
Warner Bros. Pictures

4.This bird's-eye view of Mount Everest's highest point:

Overhead view of climbers standing on the very narrow peak of Mount Everest
u/worldisillusion / Via

5.This view of an enormous fire in St. Petersburg:

A huge billow of black smoke emerging from a fire, as seen from the air
u/NGTVS / Via

6.This perspective from the inside of a containment tank:

Several people inside an otherwise empty, cavernous interior
u/smartCollege34 / Via reddit.com³_lng_containment_tank/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

7.This massive submarine casually popping up from the snow-covered sea:

A submarine emerging from snow
u/mxpower / Via
Close-up of a submarine emerging from snow
u/mxpower / Via

8.This camera angle that makes a giant tractor look bite-size:

A tractor on its side that looks like a brick in a steep construction area
u/FormalAcreage / Via

9.And this whale that looks like a submarine:

Outline of a whale underwater
u/_Aeterna-Lux_ / Via

10.This huge blow-up panda rolling through traffic:

A panda on its side next to a police car on the road
u/Mehul_baba / Via

11.This plane flying way too close to these rooftops:

A British Airways play appears to be just above some single-story houses
u/-CAVALO- / Via

12.This simulation by artificial intelligence of the moon barreling toward Earth:

A huge moon filling the daylight sky in a suburb
u/ghostsinbad224 / Via
Close-up of a huge moon filling the daylight sky above a suburban street
u/ghostsinbad224 / Via

13.This roller coaster merging with the abyss:

A roller coaster disappearing into a foggy nighttime sky
u/Ptbam / Via

14.This ginormous tank:

A huge tank towering over a man in a uniform

15.And finally, this cursed image of the Goliath birdeater spider (the largest spider in the world):

The spider on a plate next to a much smaller but still large insect and a human arm — and about the height from the elbow to the wrist
u/freudian_nipps / Via