16 Budget-Friendly Potato Recipes

potateo skewers with aquafaba mayo
16 Budget-Friendly Potato RecipesJackie Newgent

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Potatoes are a versatile and budget-friendly root vegetable that doesn’t get enough love. Not only do potatoes have carbohydrates for energy, but they also provide potassium for blood pressure function, fiber for digestion and even some protein for muscle function. Plus, potatoes come in many shapes and sizes and you’ll typically find one for less than $1. Add some potatoes to your weekly grocery list to cut down on your food budget and enjoy some tasty potato sides or mains.

Green Bean Potato Salad

“This light and fresh potato salad is made with yukon golds, green beans, hard-boiled eggs and herbs and a light mayo, olive oil and Dijon dressing,” says Julie Andrews, MS, RDN. “You're going to want to serve it next to your favorite grilled meats or on a table with a big potluck spread.”

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green bean potato salad
The Healthy Epicurean

Grilled Potato Salad Skewers with Aquafaba Mayo.

“When baby potatoes are grilled on skewers, it brings out their full flavors, smokiness, eye appeal, and fun. The best part may be that there are no exact measurements for this recipe--just make the amount you want,” says Plant-forward Chef and Nutritionist, Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN.

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grilled potato salad skewers
Jackie Newgent

Spicy Potato Soft Tacos

“These spicy soft potato tacos feature flour tortillas, crispy roasted potatoes, and classic toppings,” says Chrissy Carroll, RD. “Add on the greek yogurt chipotle sauce for an extra boost of flavor and smokiness.”

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spicy potato soft tacos
Snacking in Sneakers

Air Fryer Smashed Potatoes

“Savor the delightful crunch of these air-fried smashed potatoes, boasting a flawlessly crisp exterior and a fluffy, tender interior. Infused with a blend of savory spices, they make an irresistible side dish for any occasion,” says Melissa Macher, RD.

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air fryer smashed potatoes
A Grateful Meal

Sheet Pan Lemon Chicken with Potatoes and Carrots

This one-pan-balanced meal from Smart Meal Prep for Beginners can be prepared in 15 minutes, and the clean-up is a flash since you only used one pan. I love serving it with a quick side salad to add even more veggies,” says Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, FAND.

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sheet pan lemon chicken
Courtesy of Elysa Weitala

Mediterranean Potato Salad

“This salad combines starchy potatoes and juicy tomatoes for a fresh and light taste. In essence, you are getting two salads in one, and the herbs take it to the next level,” says Elena Paravantes, RDN

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mediterranean potato salad
Olive Tomato

Vegan Corn & Potato Chowder

Skip the heavy cream and butter that normally makes a chowder and whip up this vegan version instead. Made with sweet corn and hearty potatoes, this corn is luscious, filling and creamy.

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corn chowder

Greek Lentil and Potato Salad

Lentils and potatoes are two of the most budget-friendly plant-based items around. Combined with veggies, like cucumbers, onions and tomatoes, herbs and a lemon vinaigrette, this salad is sure to be a favorite side dish.

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greek lentil and potato salad
Delish Knowledge

Vegan Potato Soup with White Beans

This simple soup combines white beans and potatoes with other hearty veggies so an instant weeknight classic. It’s tasty, easy to make and won’t put a dent in your wallet.

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vegan potato soup
Grateful Grazer

Pistachio Pesto New Potatoes

Traditional pestos are made with pine nuts, which are incredibly expensive. This version swaps in pistachios, which are cheaper and provide a good source of healthy fats, plant protein and fiber, for a trio of nutrients that may help keep you fuller longer. Drizzle the pesto over baby roasted potatoes for a delicious side dish.

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pistachio pesto new potatoes
Good Housekeeping

Whipped Feta Roasted Potatoes

If you’ve never had creamy whipped feta, you’re missing out on something that tastes luxurious and gourmet but is actually incredibly easy to make. It’s the perfect accompaniment to baby Yukon Gold potatoes.

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whipped feta roasted potatoes

Poblano and Black Bean Loaded Baked Potatoes

Go meatless for dinner with this simple loaded baked potato with poblano peppers and black beans. This dish is as easy as it gets and all of the ingredients are incredibly affordable.

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poblano and black bean baked potato
Mike Garten

Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes have never been so easy or creamy. This version combines potatoes, cream cheese, butter and milk for a velvety mashed potato recipe that is to die for.

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cream cheese mashed potatoes
Kat Wirsing

Spinach & Gruyère Potato Casserole Recipe

Is there anything better than a casserole? Throw together a bunch of ingredients, like potatoes, cheese, herbs and spinach, and cook them in one dish for a tasty cheesy treat with minimal clean up.

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spinach and gruyère potato casserole
Mike Garten

Easy Potato Latkes

Potato latkes are the perfect vehicle for your favorite sauce or topping. Made with shredded potato and eggs, these fried potato nests are inexpensive and satisfying.

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easy potato latkes
Mike Garten

Patatas Bravas

This recipe will take you to Spain. Patatas Bravas are a traditional Spanish tapa that combines fried potato bites with a creamy and smoky bravas sauce. It sounds easy because it is, but the taste is oh-so-good.

patatas bravas

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