16 People Who Embarrassed Themselves Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way More Than You Ever Could In Your Entire Life

16 People Who Embarrassed Themselves Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way More Than You Ever Could In Your Entire Life

1.This person who submitted a short story to their boss as their two-week notice:

"I need to put my two weeks in."
u/Autam / Via
u/Autam / Via
"Angela screamed falling to her knees"
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2.This person who wrote a missed connections post claiming he DIDN'T ask a woman out:

"i could actually treat you better"
u/ladiesman21700000000 / Via

3.This person who was caught in the lie of all lies:

"My wife named our son after her first love and I had no idea"
u/ContributionOk4879 / Via

4.This person who decided to be bold and take a chance with their crush:

Screenshot of a tweet
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5.This person who messaged someone he liked his unfiltered thoughts:

"Did I upset you?"
u/papayathechicken / Via

6.This person who posted this humiliating story online:

"I went clubbing with a girl today."
u/TheMemeMkaer / Via

7.This person who randomly sent an OnlyFans creator a Harry Styles cover:

"Onlyfans is for fun"
u/Dirtyslutforyou99 / Via

8.This person who proudly claimed to have an empty life:

"Obsessed with making money"

9.This person who responded to their own dog:

"only to you"
u/Failingunistudent_ / Via

10.This person who got WAY too vulnerable with their coworker:

"Who is this?"
u/anonoymous / Via

11.This person who tried to flex, but killed any chances at getting a date:

"Cause u need to see how much I got so u can act appropriately"
u/AsianVixen4U / Via

12.This person who admitted to being in a relationship and then still tried to keep talking to someone they slept with:

"Why are you talking to me?"
u/Readkt92 / Via

13.This person who was so insecure they told their friend not to wear makeup around their boyfriend:

"why do you care so much"
u/MeekAirtime / Via

14.This person who got a new number to get in contact with the ex they cheated on:

"damn alright sorry lmao"
u/RiOT-Septic / Via

15.This person who was having some sort of crisis at 4 a.m. when they texted their coworker this:

"When i look into the mirror i see a boy not a man"
u/mothmans_dad / Via

16.And lastly, this person who wrote a narrative piece as his opening Tinder message:

"Nothing more attractive than self-defeat and no confidence"
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