17 Halloween Decorations That Are Spectacular, Hilarious, Or A Bit Of Both

1.This house has a murderous chainsaw clown that actually jumps toward you and thrashes around when you walk by:

a scary clown in a front yard
u/toninhoC21 / Via reddit.com

2.This house somehow made a Max from Stranger Things that truly looks like she's floating in mid-air:

A replica of Max floating in mid-air
u/INS0MNI5 / Via reddit.com

3.This decoration is basically a soul-sucking dementor come to life:

Halloween decorations
u/hrithikbadass / Via reddit.com

4.And speaking of Harry Potter...poor Cedric:

A Harry Potter scene in someone's yard
u/TheBroox / Via reddit.com

5.This little projection trick probably made some of the neighbors panic:

A house decorated to look like it's on fire
u/helmortart / Via reddit.com

6.This one isn't very complicated, but I'd say it's still testing your neighbors' boundaries:

stripper skeletons
u/throwawaybeauty777 / Via reddit.com

7.Same with this one:

a jack-o-lantern mooning people
u/WhatsRightWhatsLeft / Via reddit.com

8. This one's simple, yet effective. I would absolutely poop my pants if I looked down and saw this:

Twitter: @shockg523

9.This house has an entire scene featuring a pirate ship and a kraken:

a huge pirate ship in someone's lawn
u/amish_novelty / Via reddit.com

10.You need a riding lawnmower for this one, but it's great when it comes together:

skeletons mowing the lawn
u/Minifig81 / Via reddit.com

11.This one's a perfect example of taking advantage of your house's architecture:

a house with fangs
u/penlowe / Via reddit.com

12.Here's an army of ring-wraiths for the LOTR fans out there:

u/Stickybeebae / Via reddit.com

13.There's some kind of NASA-related skeleton pun here, but I doubt anyone would find it humerus anyway:

NASA skeletons
u/mobilesuit_Builder / Via reddit.com

14.Remember little Carl in the early days of The Walking Dead?

"The Walking Dead" Halloween decorations
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

15.This house has a whole synchronized light show (eat your heart out, Christmas):

A house decorated for Halloween
u/Iridiumstuffs / Via reddit.com

16.This house put together a whole old-west skeleton town:

Old West skeletons
u/eagarcia1001 / Via reddit.com

17.And finally...just a reminder that sometimes you don't need to go over the top:

u/SplungerPlunger / Via reddit.com