18 International Starbucks Bakery Items You Need To Know About

Various international Starbucks bakery products
Various international Starbucks bakery products - Static Media / Shutterstock / Getty

Starbucks has dominated the coffee market since its 1971 inception and forever changed how we order coffee. While the company was dedicated solely to brewing coffee during its first three decades, it eventually branched out into food offerings during the mid-2000s (though, strangely, one of the only Starbucks stores not serving food is the original Pike Place location). There's no doubt Starbucks is an all-American flagship brand. But have you ever visited one abroad and noticed everything is different?

Okay: not quite everything (an employee is just as likely to spell your name wrong). But the drink selection -- and even more noticeably, the bakery options -- tend to differ drastically at Starbucks locations outside the U.S. This makes sense, of course. The retailer operates stores in a staggering 80 countries as of March 2024, after all, and has made a conscious effort to adapt to the local culinary culture in each market. This includes a Taiwanese cake with matcha at the forefront and a British cake showcasing the nation's love of biscuits.

Are you ready to embark on a virtual Starbucks tour and explore the various treats served by the chain around the globe? If so, prepare to get inspired (at least until you can enjoy these delicacies in person). Here are 18 international Starbucks bakery items you need to know about.

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Caramelised Biscuit Loaf Cake (Starbucks U.K.)

Starbucks caramelised biscuit loaf cake
Starbucks caramelised biscuit loaf cake - Starbucks U.K.

Everyone knows how much the British love their biscuits (or cookies, as they're known the U.S.). But while the stereotype generally involves ladies and gentlemen dipping digestives into dainty tea cups, there's a surprising number of coffee lovers in the U.K. So much so that Starbucks made a big push in Britain with plans for 100 new stores in 2023. If you find yourself at one, we recommend one unmissable item from the bakery section: the caramelized biscuit loaf cake.

This loaf cake captures the flavor of British biscuits with a tender, moist, and perfectly sweetened crumb. Though the cake carries enough flavor, it's further topped with a rich and slightly salty caramel frosting, a thin layer of caramelized biscuit spread, and little chunks of biscuits. We suggest pairing the treat with a caramel macchiato, cozy hot chocolate, or coffee with nutty flavor notes.

Vegan Spelt Croissants (Starbucks Italy)

Starbucks vegan spelt croissant
Starbucks vegan spelt croissant - Starbucks Italy

From cozy pizzerias and upscale restaurants to charming gelato shops and bakeries packed with tempting goods, Italy is brimming with an array of outstanding places to dine. So if you want to eat like a local in Italy, why would you head to Starbucks? Good question. The answer? A vegan croissant made from wholesome spelt flour and topped with crunchy, subtly sweet quinoa.

Although spelt flour may seem like an unexpected choice, it delivers a unique flavor that's also surprisingly nutritious. More than that, it's an enduring staple of Italian cuisine -- stretching back to a time before the age of the Roman Empire.

Some may worry about vegan croissants losing their classic flavor. But we have faith in Starbucks and its ability to nail the flaky, butter-laden pastry we all love. Dip these croissants in your favorite beverage or grab one for a convenient breakfast.

Chocolate Egg Tart (Starbucks Hong Kong)

Starbucks chocolate egg tarts
Starbucks chocolate egg tarts - Starbucks Hong Kong

If you've thoroughly explored your local Chinatown, you likely know that egg tarts are an incredibly in-demand dim sum item, particularly in Hong Kong. Hong Kong-style egg tarts feature a silky smooth and glossy filling with a delicate buttery casing. Now, for a real deal egg tart? You'll need to travel to the country, where they're made fresh. Every bakery and restaurant in Hong Kong is apt to stock egg tarts, in fact, but Starbucks amps things up with a chocolate pastry-encased egg tart.

Starbucks' twist on this classic treat features a sweet and creamy filling that nicely plays off the earthy, nutty flavor of the chocolate pastry. Other local specialties offered by Hong Kong-based Starbucks locations may be worth grabbing if the opportunity arises. But the chain's chocolate egg tart is a cultural tour de force and essential tasting for any traveling fans.

Blueberry And White Chocolate Cheesecake (Starbucks Lebanon)

Blueberry white chocolate cheesecake on plate
Blueberry white chocolate cheesecake on plate - yoshi.nohri / Instagram

When it comes to cheesecakes, few varieties can top blueberry cheesecake. Whether bursts of whole berries piled on top or a sweet and tangy blueberry sauce swirled throughout, there's no denying the fruity addition elevates the humble dessert to an irresistible level. But there's one addition that could take it one step further -- and Starbucks Lebanon has figured it out.

The company's blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake starts with a thin, buttery biscuit bottom. The rich, velvety cheesecake layer is sweetened with milky white chocolate and a sharp blueberry sauce that cuts through the sweetness. In other words, it's game over for dessert lovers.

Adding white chocolate may appear like a no-brainer to some. But curiously, it's hard to find this combination elsewhere despite its undeniably delightul texture (and unbelievable taste). All we can say is this Starbucks baked good is worth the trip to Lebanon.

Matcha And Red Bean Cream Roll Cake (Starbucks Taiwan)

Matcha red bean cream cake
Matcha red bean cream cake - Starbucks Taiwan

Just looking at this beautiful cake from Starbucks Taiwan has us struggling to resist the temptation to book an immediate flight. It combines two iconic Asian flavors: matcha green tea and sweet red bean paste made from adzuki beans. Starbucks' worldwide cakes are always fantastic, but this one literally takes the cake.

This baked good's outer layer is an astonishingly light and airy chiffon cake that's colored a vibrant green from matcha powder. There's no skimping on the frosting, as the whipped matcha cream filling is found in almost equal quantities. And the thick and creamy red bean paste in the middle is a surprise on the palate, offering a mild, nutty, and slightly chewy effect. Matcha lovers will delight in matching this cake with an extensive range of matcha beverages, although the flavor can easily stand alone without an accompanying drink.

Victoria Cake (Starbucks Bahrain)

Starbucks Middle-Eastern Victoria cake
Starbucks Middle-Eastern Victoria cake - Starbucks Bahrain

Victoria cake may conjure images of a quaint afternoon tea spread with dainty British teacups, cucumber sandwiches, scones, and neat slices of sponge cake layered with thick berry jam and light whipped cream. In Starbucks Bahrain however, you'll get an entirely different dessert sharing the same name. In a distinct departure from the British version, this treat is a quintessential eating for chocolate connoisseurs -- and as usual, Starbucks has knocked it out of the park.

The item features a thin layer of intensely rich and chocolatey sponge. That's topped with dense and creamy chocolate mousse, luxuriously sainty white chocolate mousse, a dusting of cocoa powder, and a drizzle of chocolate fudge sauce. The dessert takes shape in a bundt pan, forming a gorgeous dome that leaves us longing for its presence in the U.S. Paired with a cup of hot coffee, it promises pure bliss.

Sweet Potato Cake (Starbucks Korea)

Starbucks Korean sweet potato cake
Starbucks Korean sweet potato cake - Starbucks Korea

Root vegetables are often overlooked as mundane, but they're surprisingly versatile. Consider this: potatoes (we don't have to convince you of their range), carrots (carrot cake, anyone?), and sweet potatoes all fall under this category. While we tend to mainly use sweet potatoes in savory dishes in the U.S., they have different ideas in Asia. The Japanese Murasaki sweet potatoes offer a whole new level of tenderness, for instance, and Goguma mallaengi is a chewy Korean sweet potato snack that's legendary. Yet even more beloved is Korean sweet potato cake, and Starbucks is a fantastic place to start.

If you want to try a unique dessert while visiting Korea, grab this cake. Between airy layers of cake is a creamy honey-infused mousse with tiny chunks of golden sweet potato. This is topped with a thin layer of delicate whipped cream. We're certainly intrigued enough -- and we'd bet you are, too.

Tiramisu (Starbucks Turkey)

Starbucks tiramisu slice on plate
Starbucks tiramisu slice on plate - Starbucks Turkey

Turkey has a colossal coffee culture that's centered around one of the oldest brewing methods in the world. Given this, it's no surprise that Turkey boasted the second-highest number of Starbucks branches in Europe as of 2020 behind the U.K. Additionally, it only felt natural to include a coffee-themed treat -- and nothing may be better than tiramisu.

Starbucks locations in Turkey make a classic tiramisu dessert with extra-large ladyfinger sponge biscuits soaked in strong coffee. It's then crowned with sweetened whipped cream and rich mascarpone, and dusted with subtly bitter cocoa powder. We advise doubling up on the nutty coffee flavors and having a cup of freshly brewed Turkish coffee on the side. This type of coffee may not be as good at Starbucks as one from a traditional Turkish coffeehouse. But it still boasts slight chocolate notes, and will beautifully compliment your cocoa-sprinkled tiramisu order.

Mango Sticky Rice Macarons (Starbucks Thailand)

Starbucks mango sticky rice macarons
Starbucks mango sticky rice macarons - Starbucks Thailand

What's the most famous dessert from Thailand? Easy: classic Thai mango sticky rice. The glutinous rice is mixed with a thick, glossy sauce made from coconut milk, sugar, and a pinch of salt, resulting in a sticky, deliciously gooey final product. Combined with ripe, juicy mangoes, it immediately transports you to the tropics. Now, you won't find mango sticky rice on the Starbucks Thailand menu. But you'll discover a mouthwatering fusion dessert in mango sticky rice macarons.

These tiny treats feature two distinct shells. One shell boasts a coconut flavor while the other places vibrant mango at the forefront. Both have the characteristic crisp exterior and slightly chewy interior that's typical of the French delicacy. Keep in mind this dessert is a premium choice, and one macaron will set you back a pretty penny compared to other options. Still, it might be worth it to experience a new take on this age-old classic.

Brioche French Toast (Starbucks France)

Starbucks brioche French toast displayed
Starbucks brioche French toast displayed - robertdouglass.x/ X (formerly Twitter)

France is the beating heart of patisserie and viennoiserie. Idyllic shops line the streets of every settlement -- from the grand avenues of Paris to the cobblestoned hilly lanes of walled villages rife with the pretty purple blooms of bougainvillea. Clearly, then, we wouldn't suggest stopping by a Starbucks for a croissant in France (though they're still great) as you'd be better off grabbing one from a cute local shop. Instead, we're recommending the chain's brioche French toast -- or, as the French call it, pain perdu.

Brioche is one of the best types of bread for French toast due to its impossibly pillowy texture and lightly sweet taste from enriched dough. The Starbucks version has everything we love. The bread is soaked in a cinnamon-spiced egg mixture and pan-fried until golden. Plus, the company offers tempting toppings like butter, maple syrup, or decadent chocolate.

Sakura Blossom Cake (Starbucks Japan)

Starbucks Japan sakura blossom cake
Starbucks Japan sakura blossom cake - Starbucks Japan

Among its many worldwide locations, the Starbucks stores in Japan generally stand out with some of the most desirable offerings. There are countless Starbucks menu items in Japan we wish we had in the U.S., including its seasonal offerings. In that vein, the sakura season in Japan (between March and April) is a meaningful cultural occasion. Since sakura (or cherry blossoms) can make endless showstopping treats, Starbucks Japan marks the occasion with a range of pink desserts, including sakura doughnuts, sakura-flavored mochi, and sakura-infused drinks.

Our favorite -- and one you absolutely must add to your international Starbucks bucket list -- is a sakura blossom cake. Full of unexpected flavors, sakura powder flavors every bite of this moist, airy pastry. The real standout is the pickled sakura blossom decorating the cake, which provides a beautiful bite that accents the sweetness of the cake and icing.

Dulce De Leche Biscuits (Starbucks Mexico)

Hands splitting dulce de leche biscuit
Hands splitting dulce de leche biscuit - starbucksmex / Instagram

Dulce de leche may be one of the tastiest condiments ever known to humankind. Is that an exaggeration? We don't think so. Native to Latin America, the lavish sauce is made by cooking milk and sugar over low heat for hours -- earning it a reputation for being a labor of love. Used in countless sweets and treats, the sauce is mellower, sweeter, and less bitter than caramel, with toffee butterscotch notes. As you can imagine, the dark-brown sweet sauce makes an incredible filling for crumbly cookies -- like the dulce de leche biscuits from Starbucks Mexico.

These chunky cookies have an oozing, gooey center filled with dulce de leche, buttery pecans, and dark chocolate chips. If you're a sucker for all things dulce de leche flavored, you'll want to check them out immediately. One is surprisingly filling, so try to save space for a few.

Red Bean And Oats Scone (Starbucks China)

Starbucks red bean oatmeal scone
Starbucks red bean oatmeal scone - Starbucks China

When it comes to international Starbucks food items, we generally prefer baked goods that seamlessly combine traditional flavors with the company's definitive range. Case in point: this red bean and oats scone from Starbucks China. There are numerous menu items at Starbucks China we wish we could access in the U.S., but this one stands out as a must-try.

There's the scone, which is pretty orthodox: tender, flaky, and buttery. What distinguishes this treat is the sweet red bean paste nestled between layers of crumbly pastry -- all of which is complemented by a crunchy, toasted, and subtly spiced oatmeal topping.

The company suggests pairing the scone with a classic milky flat white, and we don't disagree. The only downside to the red bean and oatmeal scone is you'll need to head to one of China's major cities to enjoy the treat, as the dish is exclusive to Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang.

Caramel Peanut Double Deck (Starbucks UAE)

Starbucks peanut chocolate stack cake
Starbucks peanut chocolate stack cake - Starbucks UAE

Peanuts and chocolate are a match made in heaven. If you need any convincing, look towards one of the most sought-after bakery items in the UAE Starbucks branches: the caramel peanut double deck. This delightful (and delightfully named) treat starts with Starbucks' signature rich and fudgy chocolate brownie as its base. Layered on top is a delicate spread of milk chocolate, complemented by a sweet and salty peanut crunch -- all nestled within milky frosting.

Two more layers (for extra hedonistic indulgence) complete the stack before the whole specialty is crowned with a silky smooth, thick caramel sauce and crunchy, moreish honey-roasted peanuts. If you enjoy sugary desserts but prefer to cut through the honeyed sweetness with a pinch of salt, this is the dessert for you. It exemplifies the luxury environment the nation's capital, Abu Dhabi, and the larger metropolitan destination of Dubai are known for.

Dragonfruit Cheesecake (Starbucks Netherlands)

Starbucks dragonfruit cheesecake slice
Starbucks dragonfruit cheesecake slice - Starbucks Netherlands

Picture this: Square slices of a dense, buttery biscuit base topped with a luscious, cheesy, and vanilla-scented cheesecake layer, plus piles of fresh pink dragonfruit with a mildly sweet, slightly tart taste. It's no wonder the dragonfruit cheesecake at Starbucks Netherlands is a true crowd-pleaser -- and tastes as good as it looks.

Now, dragonfruit (or pitaya) may not be typically associated with Europe. After all, the unique-looking fruit -- whose sizeable, colorful scales earned its name -- is native to South America. While people often regard dragonfruit as a tasteless piece of produce, if picked ripe? It boasts a delightfully mellow sweetness -- like the one found in this Starbucks baked good.

The acidity of the cheesecake layer enhances this nuance, which makes sense as lime brings out the best flavor in dragonfruit. Although not native, dragonfruit is beloved across Europe for its almost unbelievably vibrant colors, and the Starbucks cheesecake highlights this flawlessly.

Berry Bite Berliners (Starbucks Germany)

Starbucks mini berry Berliner doughnut
Starbucks mini berry Berliner doughnut - Starbucks Germany

Have you heard of the regional goody colloquially known as "Berliners" in parts of Northern Germany and Switzerland? If not, you might recognize the treat as a doughnut variety known as krapfen. Made with sweet yeasted dough that's usually filled with berry jam and dusted with powdered sugar, Berliners are smaller than a typical doughnut and lack a central hole -- including those sold by Starbucks.

The name "Berliner" is said to have originated from a story of a soldier who would bake the treat for his fellow military men -- who named it after him. This is just a legend, of course (and, ironically, those from Berlin may know the dessert by an entirely different name).

No matter the label, these treats are so popular in Germany that Starbucks offers a trio of three flavors, including chocolate, apricot, and berry. The mixed fruit filling is delightfully tart and vibrant, while the pink dough is soft, slightly chewy, and with a balanced sweetness thanks to the sugar coating.

Honey Cake (Starbucks Egypt)

Slice of Starbucks honey cake
Slice of Starbucks honey cake - Starbucks Eypgt

Imagine (if you will) layers of thin, delicate, fluffy cakes sweetened with golden honey, gently spiced with warm cinnamon, and stacked between lightly scented thick honey cream. Then add crumbled cake sprinkled on top and a cup of piping hot coffee on the side. Doesn't that sound heavenly? Of course it does. But to savor a slice, you'll have to journey to Starbucks Egypt (it's a good stopover spot after seeing the pyramids).

The entire country adores honey-flavored desserts. From baklava to dense, syrupy semolina cake (basbousa) often enriched with honey, the North African nation is enamored with honey's flavor profile. But if you're in the mood for a local dessert, the Starbucks honey cake is an easy go-to option. It captures all the traditional, regional flavors in a familiar yet striking manner, and delivers a complex depth of flavor accented with fruity, buttery, and slightly citrusy notes.

Cookies And Cream Brownie (Starbucks Switzerland)

Starbucks cookies and cream brownie
Starbucks cookies and cream brownie - Starbucks Switzerland

Consider the fact that the classic double chocolate brownie earned a top-three spot on Tasting Table's rankings of Starbucks pastries. So if you swear by the almost sinfully chocolate-laden brownies, we've got a suggestion: head to Starbucks Switzerland and pick up a cookies and cream brownie.

It's the ideal combination of the double chocolate brownie we all know and love, and the fan-favorite cookies and cream cake pop (although this is much better value for money). You'll surely find yourself obsessed with the chocolate brownie portion, which incorporates slightly bitter dark chocolate and the lighter, sweeter milk chocolate.

But the swirls of tangy, creamy white cheesecake take it to a superior level -- and is reminiscent of dipping cookies in a glass of milk or digging into a chocolate cheesecake. Since Starbucks bakes mini Oreo cookies on the top of each brownie as a finishing touch, who could resist?

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