18 People Shared The Low Probability Events They've Experienced That Will Blow Your Mind

So, I recently wrote a post about the mind-boggling low probability events BuzzFeeders have experienced, and people had some seriously wild stories.

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One anonymous BuzzFeeder left a comment on the post that absolutely blew my mind:

woman looks like she has an ear ache

Shocking, I know! Well, after reading that, I knew that I had to make a low probability events 2.0 post, so let's get into it:

1."A pigeon pooped in my pocket whilst flying over me, not as lovely or glamorous as other stories but it blew my mind!"


2."My parents knew a woman who got pregnant while she was already pregnant (superfetation). She gave birth to the two babies, but they weren't twins. One was a couple months younger."


3."I started middle school and immediately checked out the library for books about horses. I found one I thought was interesting, and noticed that the library card inside was so old it had the previous school’s name. I looked at the card and saw that the last person to sign it out had been my mother, 20 years before."


4."I was on the beach with my younger brothers on vacation, and we were playing around in the waves. Suddenly, my youngest brother holds up a soaking wet hundred dollar bill. Behind us, there are hundreds washing up onto the sand. We went nuts. It was the best thing that ever happened to a group of young kids."

"Turns out a guy had left his wallet in his bathing suit pocket and the surf took it out and exploded its contents. He eventually found the wallet itself and let my brother keep a hundred dollar bill as thanks for helping him find the money. Disappointing that we didn't get to keep all of our random ocean treasure, but it was neat that he threw us a Benjamin."—Bread

5."I run a music store, and every week I would bring in 6 or 7 CDs, picked at random from my extensive CD collection, to play in the store. At the end of each week, I'd take the CDs home and switch them out for different ones for the next week. One day, I noticed a man in the store who I recognized from his distinctive tattoos. It was Ginger Wildheart, leader of the band The Wildhearts."

"The coincidence? One of the CDs I had brought in that week was the band's iconic Earth vs The Wildhearts album. Ginger was gracious enough to sign it for me when he got to the checkout, although I'm sure he was wondering why I happened to have the CD right next to me. What are the odds that I'd have brought a CD to work and then meet the guy on the cover?"—jonsharky

6."My housemate and I love to dance around to Disney music when we clean the house. We also have three cats. Well, one Saturday morning, as I was asking Alexa to play Disney music so we could get our clean on, my housemate decided to pick up my fat cat Chandler Bing under the armpits and lift him up like Simba in The Lion King."

"The moment his back feet left the floor, Alexa started playing 'The Circle of Life' from THE LION KING! We did not tell her to play anything specific, just Disney. It's one of my favorite things ever." —kat24601

7."I had just moved to LA in 2005 and was going on a bowling date. While driving to the bowling alley, my date and I start randomly talking about Jason Bateman being on The Hogan Family. Then we start talking about his sister Justine and how we haven’t seen her do anything since Family Ties. We half-jokingly wondered out loud, 'I wonder what Justine Bateman doing right now?'"

"We laughed it off as a random thought, but then when we get to the bowling alley and set up in our lanes, who’s in the lane next to us…it was JUSTINE BATEMAN!!!! We asked the Universe a question and the Universe came back with an immediate answer."—Anonymous

8."I am from central Europe and was on holiday in Sri Lanka and met a guy. We became friends and kept in touch on Facebook. Four years later, I am in the hotel lobby in Monte Carlo, and the waitress who brought my coffee looks super familiar, so I asked, 'Are you by any chance the sister of (guy from Sri Lanka)?' She was!"

"8,000 kms away I met his sister who I never even seen a picture of, but they looked so much alike. We took a selfie and sent it to him, he couldn't believe his eyes!"—himalayall

9."I bent over to pick up leaves I had raked into a pile, to put them in a leaf bag. I did not see the leaf bag when I bent over, and lacerated my cornea with the bag. I had to go the ER for numbing drops and antibiotics."


10."I met a girl in a mom group online diary type of site. I was bored one night and clicking 'random' and her profile popped up. The photo that appeared was of her baby who was literally the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. I added her as a friend and sent her a message telling her that her son was so cute. We became instant friends. I lived in WA state and she lived in Indiana. This was back in 2004. In 2005 I ended up coming to visit and I never left. I fell in love with her twin brother immediately and we were married within 12 weeks."

"She sadly had a lot of health problems and in 2015 asked me to take her kids for a month so she could get healthy again. That month turned in to years and she passed away in 2018. We miss her terribly. She was an incredibly beautiful person. The baby that I saw on her page that initially made me reach out to her? He now calls me 'mom' and we are formally adopting him and his siblings this year."—dianahorne1982

11."My cousin married a woman with my same first name. Not that strange since my name isn’t all that uncommon, but her brother’s name is the same as my brother’s name, and her mom’s name is the same as my mom’s. Only our dads have different names."

—Margaret Rechner

12."My mom and dad are both from families with a lot of kids, nine and seven respectively. They both have a sister two years younger than them named Frances who both go by their middle name. Both of these women have a middle daughter named Robin, and both Robins are the only people in the family with red hair."


13."I went to a the opening concert of the new amphitheater in our city years ago. I used the bathroom and got separated from our group and had left my phone back at home. I looked for the first woman I saw (I’m a woman) that looked friendly to ask her to use her phone to call my then boyfriend."

"Turns out it was my art teacher from high school. She recognized me, but it had taken me a second to recognize her because I had graduated 18 years previous to that encounter. The concert was sold out for the opening, so out of 20,000 people, I had found her."—Ashleigh Scott

14."My sister and I took dance classes growing up (in the US). At the end of every year when we had a recital, we received t-shirts with all the students’ names on the back. One summer, years after we’d stopped dancing, we went on a trip to Canada. When we were in Nova Scotia, we went into a little consignment shop and my sister spotted a tie dye shirt. She pulled it off the shelf, and there, 700 miles from home in another country, was our old dance shirt with both of our names on the back."


15."Me and my partner went on holiday in 2019 to China and became friends with a couple from Manchester (we live near Cambridge). In 2021, we went to York and we physically bumped into them coming out of a shop. In 2022, we were in Krakow in Poland and saw them in the main square. We stopped and had a drink and found out that we had booked the same cruise for summer 2023."

—Louis Ayres

16."This was years ago in San Francisco: I was at a concert and made friends with a girl there and we exchanged numbers. We never spoke again after that night. Cut to a year or so later, I was walking down a crowded sidewalk, heading to a music festival near the piers, and a girl approached me. She asked to use my phone because her’s had died and she needed help finding her friend."

"She called her friend and who was it? The girl I met at a concert over a year ago. She apparently still had my number in her phone. It was weird." —Anonymous

17."My friend's first name is Aron and his mother remarried. He adopted AAron. Now his name is Aron AAron."


18.And finally, "My daughter worked in the rental shop at a ski resort in Wyoming. She was taking down information from a customer and asked for their address. They said 108 Beechwood Avenue. She told them that was funny, because her WiFi password at home was 108Beechwood. When she told her dad, it turns out that these people lived in the same house he grew up in, 2000 miles away!"


Which event shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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