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Andrew McCarthy

Boyish star of 'St Elmo's Fire' and probably the most attainable member of The Brat Pack, McCarthy never really needed to grow up – now 51, he's retained his good looks, but we bet he wishes he had the kind of parts Rob Lowe is getting these days. TV work provides some sanctuary but McCarthy was recently bitten by the travel bug and is currently Editor at Large at National Geographic Traveler magazine. He does find time to direct, however, and helmed five episodes of Netflix prison drama 'Orange Is The New Black'.

80s Movie Stars: Then And Now

Believe it or not, the '80s were FIFTY years ago! At least, it feels that way sometimes. We jumped in our time machine and revisited the decade that style forgot to jog our memory of the biggest stars of the era and then came back to the future to find out what they're up to nowadays. In retrospect, this was a quite egregious waste of a time machine...