2,000 Counterfeit Frozen Dolls Seized By Police

Mike P Williams

Over 2,000 fake ‘Frozen’ toys have been seized in Coventry, after discovering that the knock-off products contained harmful chemicals, the Coventry Telegraph report.


According to officials, the large quantity of Disney dolls were intercepted by International ParcelForce at Coventry Airport prior to them being sold in shops.

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The counterfeit goods, imported from China, were seized by Warwickshire Trading Standards and, upon being tested, found to have high levels of the plastic-softener phthalates, which can cause damage to the reproductive system, an increased risk of cancer and asthma.


If small children were to, as they so often do, chew these toys, they’d be at great risk of the above afflications, so parents are warned to be on the lookout for Disney-approved merchandise when shopping for their kids. This batch didn’t contain the Disney logo, which is a sign the item isn’t genuine.

Parents are encouraged to e vigilant when purchasing ‘Frozen’ products because there is a chance they could not only be fake, but dangerous.

The popularity of the $1.3 billion-grossing movie has seen huge demand for toys ever since its 2013 release, but this is a stark reminder to check what you’re buying before you appease your child’s toy demands.

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Picture credits: Disney, Coventry Telegraph