Star Wars Scum and Villainy

20 cancelled Star Wars video games revealed

Find out which projects went down the pan when Disney bought Luscafilm.

When Disney shut down LucasArts in April it was inevitable that a few unannounced projects would go down with the sinking ship.

An image from a 2008 book about the company however reveals 20 projects that never saw the light of day, including 'Star Wars: Episode VII - Shadows of the Sith'.

The image consisting of logos for the unreleased games also includes titles such as 'Star Wars: Vader', 'Star Wars: Rebel Scum' and a sequel to the cult classic 'Jedi Knight' series subtitled 'Brink of Darkness'.

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Coming courtesy of All Games Beta via Eurogamer, the image comes from a five-year-old book by Rob Smith called 'Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts'.

It is unlikely that each was a project in its own right however. Many of the similar names would simply have been potential titles for a single project, such as 'Rebel Scum', 'Rebel Warrior', 'Rebel Fury' and 'Rebel Jedi'.

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Before noticing the books release date I won't deny I felt a rush of excitement relating to the game that was, at some point or another, to become the next installment of the 'Star Wars' series. The game being at least five years old - probably older - it obviously has nothing to do with the J.J. Abrams project in the pipeline for 2015.

'Shadows of the Sith' is still a pretty nifty title however, so maybe someone somewhere in the bowels of the 'Star Wars' production machine hasn't forgotten it.

While it is unlikely to be the title of the new film, we may well get a title in the coming weeks. Major news of some kind is expected when the film ventures to Disney's D23 convention between August 9-11, which could mean a title or as has been rumoured, casting announcements.

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