20 Times School Incidents Unfortunately Left A Damaging Mark On People For Life

Recently, Reddit user GransShortbread asked the community, "What is some [messed-up] drama that happened in your high school?"

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People revealed some very shocking and disturbing things that went down at their schools, which they'll unfortunately never forget.

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So, here are some of the most unbelievable school incidents that have ever happened:

Note: Some stories were pulled from this Reddit thread and BuzzFeed Community users.

Note: Some submissions include topics of sexual assault, grooming, child abuse, and drug abuse. Please proceed with caution.

1."When I was in seventh grade, there was a teacher who was caught having sex with her male 13-year-old student. Apparently they had sex 28 times within a week — she allowed the boy’s 12-year-old friend to watch them on multiple occasions. She gave them alcohol, let them drive her car, and even talked the father of the 13-year-old into letting him spend the night at her house. She got busted when the boy's father thought it was strange his son constantly had 'detention' and needed to stay after school all the time."

"This SHOOK our community of parents, teachers, and students. A good portion of us middle schoolers went to the elementary school where it occurred just the school year prior, so a lot us either had her as a teacher or knew of her extremely well."


2."Supposedly our principal was caught screwing a teacher at the school during school hours. His wife was also a teacher at the school, and his daughter was a student. When the county school board held a meeting to address the situation, the teacher he'd been sleeping with during the previous school year (still not his wife) got in a fight with the new mistress."


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3."One of the girls in the junior high a couple of years below me was abducted. The whole community turned out to help search in the woods behind the girl's house (kids from our school could volunteer as well, so a lot did just that). One of the people who was helping in the search was her next door neighbor and, as it turns out, murderer. Pretty chilling to think a bunch of kids were side-by-side with the man who had killed one of us."


4."One of the most scandalous things that happened in my small town was during my freshman year of high school, the football players were found to be hazing the freshman players. They basically stripped naked and tea-bagged the younger players. All they got was a slap on the wrist because the offender's mom was on the school board, and the name was one of the big names in the small town. He sat out the rest of the season and couldn't come on the property during games (he would watch from behind the chain link fence) and was still allowed to participate in all sports after that season. A civil lawsuit was pressed (I believe it was against the school), but a settlement was reached. It was one of the many reasons I didn't stick around my small town."


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5."We had a kid drown during gym class. He couldn’t swim, so the teacher had him swim laps in the shallow end with a kick board while the rest of the class played water polo. Fast-forward and halfway through the polo match, someone noticed the kid wasn’t swimming laps next to us. A student got out of the pool and looked and saw him at the bottom of the deep end. The teacher dove down and pulled him up and started performing CPR, but it was too late. I’ll never forget it — it was very traumatizing, and such a heartbreak for the kid's family who lost him."


6."When I was a freshman, a male teacher (who was also the football/basketball girls coach) was having an affair with a female junior. He had coached her on the girls basketball team for years. When the student graduated high school, the teacher and his wife moved to Wyoming or somewhere up north and wouldn’t you know it? The student had gotten a scholarship to play at the very college that was in the town they moved to! What are the odds. 🙄 We heard about a year later that he divorced his wife, married the student, and had some kids with her. A bunch of girls had come forward with accusations of inappropriate behavior on his part while he was still coaching, but it all got swept under the rug for 'the sake of the football team.' All the adults knew he was sleeping with that girl (one of my parents worked at said school), but did nothing about it."


7."The most shocking scandal at my school took place when I was just about to graduate from high school. One of the history teachers was fired on charges of getting underage girls drunk. I believe that this came to light after they discovered incriminating recordings on his computer. The guy was never my teacher. I heard from other students who had lessons with him that this fired teacher was an overall toxic asshole, and many threatened to report him to the appropriate institutions as soon as they graduated. And on more than one occasion, they could smell alcohol on him."

"What's worse, I heard that after everything happened, they allowed him back once the trial was over...😬."


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8."My high school tennis coach openly admitted to some team members that he had inappropriate relationships with female players in the past. It was hard to believe it was all in the past because he showed significant favoritism to the prettiest girls. Once he had the girls run drills while the other guys and I stood on the side with him. He casually remarked, 'Wouldn't it be awesome if they were all in bikinis right now?' Such a sleaze — it's amazing he never got fired."


9."A girl in my grade (who was a habitual liar) told everyone she had cancer. For a few weeks everyone was giving her sympathy until her twin sister was asked how she was doing with the recent news. She was totally shocked, and blatantly said that her sister didn't have cancer."


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10."An eleventh-grade girl became pregnant by an eighth-grade boy, and he later caught her sleeping with his tenth-grade brother. Both situations were hot gossip when they happened, but there was less drama than you would expect."


11."In my high school, there were two kids who sprayed pepper spray into the school’s ventilation system because they didn’t want to go to class. A lot of people got sick, and people wearing hazmat suits would show up each time it happened. At first, the evacuation would be for a few minutes, then half an hour, then an hour or two, then half the day. Eventually, students would say 'fuck it' and leave school entirely. Come exam time, two separate bomb threats were called in from the same kids. Our principal at the time was a former cop who ended up helping the police figure out who the culprits were, and the kids were brought up on a slew of charges."


12."One of my classmates fucked the band teacher. When his mom came into his room, he just told her to leave, shut the door, and went back to fucking the teacher. At least that's the story that was told about why he was expelled and she was fired."


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13."One of the science teachers would confiscate phones if he saw you using them in class. This was back in the flip phone days, so they were easy to look through. He was sending himself nudes the girls had taken of themselves, and he forgot to delete the text history on one of them. One girl told her parents, and then her parents told the school. After a search of his phone and computer, they found dozens of pictures of naked girls. He was fired, and we never heard what happened to him."


14."I’m a teacher, and this was from the third year of my career. One of the teacher's aides in our school was busted for drug sales in a MAJOR way (like, $90,000 in cash and a metric-ton of drugs and weapons at his house). He was apparently pretty high up on the chain. I think he was sentenced to 10 years, and was among 25 total people arrested."


15."Our school (unknowingly) hired a janitor who turned out to be a wanted criminal and a capital murderer. He was wanted in Texas and moved way up north either to escape or start fresh. He was working at the high school for some time before he ended up getting caught and arrested."


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16."A guy on the wrestling team was a drug dealer. He had a bag of double-bubble gum with each piece dipped in acid and re-wrapped. He kept his stash in a gym locker. Somehow a couple of freshmen found it and proceeded to pass it out. They ended up giving most of it to the freshman cheerleading team before their afternoon practice. The cheerleaders had no idea they were baking, and let’s just say that everyone freaked out. The story was picked up by multiple local news outlets that night — no one ever saw the guy again. This was 1995."


17."When I was in middle school (ninth grade), one of the math teachers was a young, good-looking guy probably in his mid–late twenties. He was very friendly with the students, and we all liked him — he was also a very good teacher and helped me develop my love of math. He was one of the 'cool' teachers, and not at all a disciplinarian. He was especially friendly with the girls. This one 14-year-old girl was very 'developed' for her age, so this teacher took a definite interest in her. He would sometimes hang out with us kids at lunch time, and one time rested his head in this girl’s lap."

"This girl seemed like she was flattered by the attention he was paying to her.

There were never any rumors that he had actual sex with this girl or any other girls, but he was definitely inappropriately friendly with this one."


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18."Now that they've been convicted, I can talk about this. Some guys in my school (two in the grade below me and one from the grade above me) were convicted of murdering a 17-year-old when the rest of us were in our twenties. They attacked him in a Walmart parking lot and left him for dead. His family found him when they went looking for him, and he died three days later. I went to a small Christian high school with about 30–60 people per grade level, so this was huge news."


19."I went to a Catholic high school. The priest on the faculty got a girl pregnant, then paid for an abortion (and the Bishop paid off the girl's family to keep it quiet). The Pennsylvania grand jury exposed it 20 years later."


20.And finally, "A guy and a girl (both in ninth grade from what I can remember) decided to throw down and have sex with each other in a classroom in front of the entirety of the class. The teacher was out of the room — it was chaos. People yelling, some encouraging them, and others objecting. The teacher came back, and some of the students actively held the door to prevent her from interrupting. The cops got involved — it was all over the news, and the school shut down for, like, three days."


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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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