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20. ‘Fifty Shades Freed’

If you’d already dedicated four hours of your life to the first two, you weren’t going to miss out on the third adaptation of EL James’s bonkbuster, which wrapped up with a wedding and a sigh of relief from Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

The 20 most searched for movies of 2018

Ben Falk

It’s been a busy and eclectic year at the cinema, including superhero sequels, far away galaxy prequels and one of the most interesting awards seasons in ages. But what films did you spend 2018 excited about? Here’s the list of the flicks Yahoo users spent most time looking for online.

The Yahoo Year in Review Methodology
To develop the Yahoo Year in Review, our editors analyse Yahoo Search queries based on a number of factors, including absolute volume and growth from previous periods, to see which themes and trends bubble to the surface. Individuals and their Search queries always remain anonymous. This list is constructed without navigational searches – i.e. searches where the intention is clearly purely to navigate to a site rather than to discover information.

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