20 Steamy Pics Of Hottie TikToker Pierre Boo To Celebrate His Birthday

Three side-by-side photos os Pierre Boo
Three side-by-side photos os Pierre Boo

Pierre Boo

Pierre Boo just turned 37!

Happy birthday Pierre!

On Tuesday, Sept. 15, popular TikToker Pierre Boo turned 37. The social media influencer, whose real name is Pierre Amaury Crespeau) runs a successful TikTok account with close to 14 million followers and used to have a joint YouTube account with his then-husband Nicky Champa.

The social media influencer has had a rough year after ending his marriage to fellow TikTok star Champa back in July. Now instead of creating joint videos about their lives and relationship, the gay influencers have gone their separate ways and are no longer creating content together.

Since the divorce news dropped, Boo has been posting videos of himself looking happy and healthy in his home country of France, along with sillier trend videos like his newest TikTok where can be seen using the aging filter. This is probably the only way we’ll ever see him look old considering at 37 he doesn't look a day over 25!

Since Boo turned 37 today it seems like a great opportunity to check out his drool-worthy photos on Twitter and Instagram.

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