20 Top International Hotel Bars, According to the Experts

It's no secret that some of the top hotels in the world also happen to have some of the most stellar cocktail bars.

<p>Courtesy of Four Seasons</p>

Courtesy of Four Seasons

With each passing year, it becomes increasingly apparent that we are living in the golden age of hotel bars. Whether you’re traveling through Dubai or rural Scotland, chances are that you’ll find a hotel that serves exceptional cocktails. Many of the drinks on offer also now strive to evoke a sense of place or are an extension of the local culture — Rosewood Mayakoba’s award-winning Zapote Bar, or Virtù at Four Seasons Tokyo for example — which is a noteworthy difference from the sometimes stodgier hotel bars of the past.

Despite rising costs-of-living, 64% of global travelers say they aim to reduce other areas of personal spending to prioritize leisure travel in 2024. And travelers’ interests are also evolving, with an increased focus on food, beverage, wellness, and cultural immersion. As travelers arrive, hotels will continue to invest in their beverage programs to cater to these new guests, resulting in even more noteworthy hotel bars openings in the years to come.

Read on to discover the 20 best international hotel bars of 2024, as voted by Food & Wine’s Global Tastemakers.

Connaught Bar (Connaught Hotel, London, England)

<p>Courtesy of The Connaught Bar</p>

Courtesy of The Connaught Bar

In its milestone 15th year of operation, the Connaught Bar has once again demonstrated that bars can, indeed, get better with age. The core leadership team, led by the hotel’s director of mixology Agostino Perrone, have been at the helm for over a decade, and in 2024 have launched their first cocktail book, debuted a conceptual cocktail menu dubbed Synergia, and have served thousands of their world famous tableside Connaught Martinis for guests.

A hallmark of a great cocktail bar is its ability to consistently deliver on excellence, from product and service to hospitality and ambiance, and the Connaught Bar undoubtedly finds itself in that class. It’s remains exceptional and, based on its trajectory, is likely to only get better.

Zapote Bar (Rosewood Mayakoba, Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

<p>Courtesy of Rosewood</p>

Courtesy of Rosewood

Zapote Bar may operate within one of the finest five-star resorts in all of Mexico, but it doesn’t sacrifice its authenticity for the sake of its tourist-heavy clientele. Expertly designed cocktails fill its latest menu, complimenting the warm and flowy indoor-outdoor space that seeks to evoke a sense of place and encourage adventure.

The Venado, a clarified take on the Mojito made with regional ingredients including cacao, Mayan oregano, and hoja santa, is unmissable for any lovers of mint chocolate chip. The Jaguar, a spirit-forward, chocolate and banana-flavored rye whiskey cocktail, is sublime. When paired with the live music performed by local artists, it’s clear that the drinks are just one component of a formula designed to immerse guests in the essence of Mexican culture.

BKK Social Club (Four Seasons Bangkok, Thailand)

<p>Courtesy of Four Seasons</p>

Courtesy of Four Seasons

Widely regarded as one of the best cocktail bars in Asia, BKK Social Club effortlessly balances glitz and glamor with comfort in both its design and drinks. The stately back bar, framed by an art deco arch and a mirrored back wall fitted with sleek copper shelving, is juxtaposed with two biophilic walls on either side.

The bar’s signature cocktail, Evita, is named after the Argentinian first lady from 1946–52. It features a cinnamon, pineapple and bay leaf saturated aperitif served in a coupe with a diamond-shaped ice cube. Meanwhile, BKK Social Club’s bottled cocktails, such as the Piña Colada, work to create a unique five-star hotel bar that ditches pretension in favor of approachability.

Side Hustle (NoMad Hotel London, England)

<p>Courtesy of Nomad</p>

Courtesy of Nomad

Side Hustle, the Latin American-influenced pub that’s the crown jewel of the NoMad London’s bars, is one of those places where you plan to stop in for a quick Walter Gibson martini, only to find yourself at the bar many hours later, still devouring tacos and tostadas. Exceptional cuisine and rotating selection of seasonal Margaritas and other cocktails make Side Hustle a full-on vibe that’s worthy of your time and attention. And considering London’s wealth of world class hotel bars, there are few greater compliments to receive.

Le Bar Long (Raffles Le Royal Monceau, Paris, France)

<p>Courtesy of Raffles</p>

Courtesy of Raffles

Elegance and conviviality are the hallmark of Le Bar Long. The central feature of the interior, a long, illuminated high table that runs the length of the main bar area, is positioned in a way that caters to swift stop-ins or pre-dinner drinks, while creating a communal space that encourages interaction.

It’s a transient space, but the cocktails are far from fleeting in memory. The Flamingo, a mix of tequila, clairin, yuzu, grapefruit and jalapeño is a bona fide crowd-pleaser, but it’s one of many classic-inspired cocktails on the menu that appeal to the wide range of guests who find themselves at this Parisian hotel.

Scarfes Bar (Rosewood, London, England)

<p>Courtesy of Rosewood</p>

Courtesy of Rosewood

There are few hotels that create an atmosphere the way Scarfes Bar does. Named after British artist and caricaturist Gerald Scarfe, this hotel bar embraces the both the whimsical and the sophisticated. Scarfe’s own collection of surreal paintings occupy the marble walls, making the grand library-meets-lounge style space as much an art gallery as it is a bar.

But it’s through the daily live jazz sessions and world class cocktails that the venue’s intention and purpose become apparent. The cocktails are some of the best London has to offer, and the food, music, furnishings, and people make any occasion at Scarfes Bar feel special.

1824 Bar (Shelbourne, Dublin, Ireland)

<p>Courtesy of The Shelbourne</p>

Courtesy of The Shelbourne

Of the three bars at the Shelbourne, 1824 bar is the one travelers cannot miss. Perched at the top of the hotel’s grand staircase, the intimate, historic watering hole, boasts the look and feel of a library with its book-lined, wood paneled walls. At the bar, guests will find a vast selection of expertly curated whiskeys, in addition to twists on classic cocktails.

There are no reservations at this snug of a bar, so pop by and try your luck at grabbing one of the five bar stools, or opt for a cozy table while taking a break from the bustle of Dublin life.

The Main Bar (Royal Mansour, Marrakesh, Morocco)

<p>Courtesy of Royal Mansour</p>

Courtesy of Royal Mansour

Marrakesh’s Royal Mansour, designed by King Mohammed VI, is as magnificent as hotels come. But if you can’t afford to stay the night, a visit to the Main Bar is a requirement when in this fashionable Moroccan city. The silver ceiling is hand-sculpted, the walls are lined with rose gold leaves and the carved chairs are vintage. The marriage of these features, and the intricate details threaded throughout the space, channel the spirit of the Roaring Twenties, which is easily accentuated by a fine Martini or one of the bar’s signature cocktails. Musical tracks recorded by Beatrice Ardisson exclusively for the palace play in the background, making a visit to the Main Bar as luxurious and memorable as expected.

Argo (Four Seasons Hong Kong, China)

<p>Courtesy of Four Seasons</p>

Courtesy of Four Seasons

Conceived in 2021 as “a cocktail bar that explores the modern world,” Argo is named after, and takes inspiration from, the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts who sailed in search of the legendary Golden Fleece. In its relatively short tenure, the boundary-pushing hotel bar has already garnered an array of prestigious bar industry awards thanks to its inventive drinks.

Currently, guests can indulge in experimental cocktails such as the Igneous Gibson, a Martini made with granite-infused Grey Goose, Argo’s own “botanical spirit,” and a charred pickled vermouth. The Frame of Love, meanwhile, is a blend of gin, garden vermouth, housemade bamboo wine, and “Granit Hunter.” Helmed by beverage manager Federico Balzarini, any classic ordered at Argo is bound to be spectacular.

Jigger & Pony (Amara Hotel, Singapore)

<p>Courtesy of Amara</p>

Courtesy of Amara

Jigger and Pony, a bar where “convivial hospitality” is at the forefront, is one of the world’s most awarded cocktail bars. The latest “menuzine” dubbed Identity investigates the bar’s past 10 years in operation through flavors, drinks, and craftmanship, while simultaneously pushing the boundaries with new techniques and ingredients featured in the “Where Are We Going?” menu chapter. The latter features drinks like the savory Ugly Tomatoes, a gin cocktail designed to celebrate sustainability by using B-grade heirloom tomatoes that are deemed too ugly to make it to restaurant plates. It’s one example of the many extraordinary touches at this exceptional Singapore bar.

Caffè Parigi (Palazzo Parigi Hotel, Milan, Italy)

<p>Courtesy of Palazzo Parigi</p>

Courtesy of Palazzo Parigi

Effortlessly stylish and flooded with natural light, Caffè Parigi is ideal for most drinking occasions, from afternoon tea to pre-dinner aperitivo. The bar, which also boasts a veranda furnished with wrought iron tables and chairs overlooking a beautiful garden, is one of those destinations that can be as casual as you’d like, while still offering all the little luxuries of the Palazzo Parigi Hotel. Opt for a Negroni or Campari Soda when the sun is shining and enjoy the people watching at one of Milan’s finest drinking dens.

Republic (Ritz-Carlton Millenia, Singapore)

<p>Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton</p>

Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton

Republic is more than just a hotel bar with a conceptual cocktail menu. It’s a showcase of 1960s art, cinema, fashion, and music through the lens of drinks. The menu is an homage to the culture of a decade marked by social revolution. The Andy Warhol-inspired Velvet Underground cocktail, named after the American rock band managed by the artist himself, is a drink in the vein of a Manhattan that’s greater than the sum of its parts, combining rye whiskey, cherry, banana, and two types of bitters. But it’s just one of the many ways Republic marries storytelling and service at this acclaimed bar.

Virtù (Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi, Tokyo, Japan)

<p>Courtesy of Four Seasons</p>

Courtesy of Four Seasons

Perched on the 39th floor of Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi, Virtù offers its guests glittering views of the city skyline paired with some of the finest drinks in the world. After a stunted opening in 2020 due to the pandemic, the award-winning bar team has gone from strength to strength by marrying modern Japanese ingredients and methods with classic French flavors and drinking rituals.

For any yuzu lover, the Yuzu Nagi deftly pairs cognac with yuzu gin, yuzu juice, yuzu liqueur and yuzu bitters. But it’s just one of the many creative concoctions guests can expect from a bar that’s rapidly become one of the most talked about venues in Asia.

Carlton Bar & Lobby with Terrace (Carlton Hotel, St. Moritz, Switzerland)

<p>Courtesy of Carlton Hotel</p>

Courtesy of Carlton Hotel

With a breathtaking view over the world-famous Lake St. Moritz and two open fireplaces, the Carlton Bar doesn’t have to do much to impress its guests.Luckily, it not only delivers on atmosphere, the beverages are some of the best in St. Moritz, too. The menu section dubbed “#Carlton Instagrammable” is most intriguing, as it features six cocktails that are fit to grace any social media page due to their theatrics and visual appeal. The Carlton Martini paired with caviar is worth the splurge, while ​​the Alpine Flowers (rum, vanilla patchouli, black currant, yuzu and glacier snow) manages to marry a touch of luxury with provenance.

Artesian, The Langham (London, England)

<p>Courtesy of Langham</p>

Courtesy of Langham

Artesian is one of the world’s most awarded cocktail bars, having held the title of World’s Best Bar from 2012 to 2015. Today, despite being run by a new bar team, Artesian has retained its opulence and ability to churn out creative cocktails for discerning guests.

The bar’s current menu, Ingredients of the Future, offers 16 drinks with each meant to highlight a single ingredient. The Soil, Martini variation made with vodka, sake, soil scent and koji, is just one example of the innovation practiced at this five-star hotel bar. However, the entire collection offers a journey worth embarking on.

Les Ambassadeurs (Hôtel de Crillon, Rosewood Hotel, Paris, France)

<p>© Adrian Houston</p>

© Adrian Houston

Housed within the remodeled Hôtel de Crillon, a palace dating back to the late 18th century, Les Ambassadeurs is an atmospheric bar. Towering marble walls support a fresco painted ceiling, while curtain-draped windows face Place de la Concorde. Meanwhile, a visually appealing selection of cocktails serve as artful décor of their own.

With live music filling the space in the evenings and bites that are both refined and hefty enough to convince you to cancel your dinner reservation, this space ticks all the boxes for what a five-star hotel bar should be.

Bahri Bar (Jumeirah Mina A'Salam, Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

<p>Jumeirah Mina A'Salam</p>

Jumeirah Mina A'Salam

Bahri, meaning “vast like the ocean” in Arabic, is an “ode to the enduring romance of the silk route,” according to the bar’s cocktail menu. The colorful interiors, marked by dark mahogany furnishings, turquoise drapes, amethyst purple velvet chairs and other lavish details embody the vibrance of the ingredients used in the drinks.

Truffle, pandan, kumquat, ube and sesame are a few of flavors featured in Bahri Bar’s inventive twists on classics. With unobstructed views of the Burj Al Arab, there are few better places to drink in Dubai.

The Aubrey (Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, China)

<p>Courtesy of Mandarin Oriental</p>

Courtesy of Mandarin Oriental

Located on the 25th floor with sweeping views of Victoria Harbour, this all-day cocktail and dining space offers guests three distinctive bar experiences inspired by Japanese izakayas.

At the Main Bar, beverage manager Devender Sehgal and team offer The Aubrey’s ever-changing signature and seasonal cocktails anchored by a theme. The intimate, four-person Omakase Cocktail Bar reinvents the omakase experience, with skilled bartenders creating custom cocktails guests, while the Champagne and Sake Bar celebrates the age-old tradition of oysters and champagne. The Aubrey is undoubtedly one of Hong Kong’s most inventive bar concepts, making it an essential cocktail destination.

Mimi Kashuki (Four Seasons, Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

<p>Courtesy of Four Seasons</p>

Courtesy of Four Seasons

Mimi Kashuki’s may be a restaurant first and foremost, but its creative yet approachable cocktail menu makes this spot a drinking destination in its own right. With cocktails such as the Kiyo-Mizu, described as “a clean and crisp, transparent whiskey cocktail that will surprise you with sweet coffee and vanilla notes, along with a sharp citrus tang,” Mimi Kashuki embraces the challenge of taking its guest on an adventure that’s as transportive as it is delightful.

Alvear Lobby Bar (Alvear Palace Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

<p>Courtesy of Alvear Palace Hotel</p>

Courtesy of Alvear Palace Hotel

Set in the lobby of the historic Alvear Hotel in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires, the namesake bar has been a greeting place for guests since 1932. The French neoclassical space offers a grand welcome to guests with domineering windows looking out onto the surrounding streets and souring ceilings. At the center, the original wood bar anchors the room where bartenders serve a range of classic cocktails, plus an extensive whiskey list.

Plus One: Elsa's Bar (Fife Arms, Braemar, Scotland)

<p>Courtesy of The Fife Arms</p>

Courtesy of The Fife Arms

Referred to by the hotel as “an exquisite jewel box of a bar,” Elsa’s, named after Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, brings Art Deco glamor to the Scottish Highlands through its glitzy interiors and peculiar drinks. Taking inspiration from Schiaparelli’s life and designs, the bar serves an impressive range of original cocktails that put art and fashion at the forefront. Every cocktail is as beautiful as it is flavorful, making the allure of Elsa’s Bar irresistible.

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