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10. I Kill Giants

With an astonishing performance at its centre, I Kill Giants transcends its low-budget origins to create a genuinely fascinating adaptation of the Image fantasy series.
It’s definitely not perfect, with a strange – dark – tone that makes you wonder who it’s aimed at, but if you can move past that, I Kill Giants is worth tracking down.
Just don’t expect action – this is more A Monster Calls than Pacific Rim.

All of 2018’s comic-book movies - ranked

Sam Ashurst

2018 has been an incredible year for superhero movies.

Putting them in order has honestly been a bigger challenge than wrestling Thanos’ glove from his evil paw, but somehow we managed it.

Click above for all the comic-book movies released this year – including a couple you almost definitely haven’t seen – that we’ve definitively ranked from the very worst, to the absolutely incredible.

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