2020’s big beauty trends

Here’s the lowdown on the looks you should start trying out now.

Neon pops
The new year will see high-voltage, bright beauty looks featuring a range of neon hues. This is great news for those who love to play with their makeup. Swap your retro black wings for something brighter like a highlighter green or pink. If this is a bit too much too soon, you could start by tapping an electric hue on the corners of your eyes for a minimalist, quick pop of colour. The adventurous can also clash colours on their top and bottom lids, and have fun playing with their palettes.
Photograph: dmv.makeupartistry / Instagram

Play with your eyeliner
Who says your eyeliner belongs only on your lash line? Carrying on with the playful makeup trend for 2020, floating and bracket liners are a great way to give off cool-girl vibes without putting in too much effort. For a floating liner, draw your line in the space between your brow bone and lash line.  Start in the inner corner of your eye and draw the shape you want. It could be a straight line, a swoop, a short wing, anything you fancy. The bracket liner is a variation of this, with the liner connecting to the corners of the eye to create a bracket of sorts.  
Photograph: ghost_artistry_ / Instagram

Blush overload
When it comes to blush for 2020, pink is going to rule the roost. And you won’t be wearing it just on your cheeks. We’re talking blush on the eyelids, temples and under the brow bone to create an all-over flushed, monochromatic look. The effect is of an intense blush that’s creeping up to your eyes and temples. When going for this look, keep the rest of your makeup subtle. So keep a muted lip, skip the eyeliner, and tone down the mascara.
Photograph: safiyeh.uddin.jewelry / Instagram

Bold red lip
Sure, red lips have been around forever, but this time around they have a more contemporary feel. The 2020 trend sees them paired with clean, fresh skin, a hint of highlighter, bold brows, and minimal eye makeup, maybe just a bit of mascara. This helps give a more youthful, fresh, springtime look. The lips can be matte or glossy in texture, and you can even put on a deep stain if you don’t prefer opaque coverage. Remember to prep your lips before swiping on that matte lipstick.
Photograph: Yaseminbilgic / Instagram

Euphoria effect
Yes, Euphoria-inspired makeup isn’t going away anytime soon and will continue well into 2020 as proved by the plethora of looks seen at fashion weeks. You could go all out with bright sparkly glitter and embellishments sprinkled around the eyes. If you haven’t already jumped on the Euphoria bandwagon, now’s the time to bedazzle your eyes and try out those gold studs you’ve been eyeing. For a subtler look you can line your eyes with black kohl, smudge it a bit, and then layer some silver sparkles/glitter under your eyes.
Photograph: julilum.makeup / Instagram

Watercolour eyes
This pretty trend sees soft focus pastels blended together to create dreamy watercolour-inspired eyes. You can mix multiple shades for an interesting painted effect. Pick different, but complimentary, colours for your inner corner, centre of the lid, and your outer eye area, to end up with a playful look. Add white or black to highlight colours and create dimension.
Photograph: katiejanehughes / Instagram