2025 Nissan GT-R Gains Blue Cabin in Japan, Might Mark the End

2025 nissan gt r
2025 Nissan GT-R Adds Gorgeous Blue Cabin in JapanNissan
  • Nissan today revealed the 2025 GT-R for the Japanese market, in line with a recent rumors that also claim the R35 won't live past 2025.

  • For 2025, the GT-R gains an eye-catching new interior color, Blue Heaven, and other minor mechanical changes.

  • The 2025 Nissan GT-R's Japanese production is limited, and Nissan has yet to confirm the iconic sports car will return for 2025 in the United States.

We asked our Magic 8 ball if 2025 will be the final year of the Nissan GT-R. It told us "signs point to yes." A recent report out of Japan also claimed that the legendary R35-generation GT-R would cease to exist after the 2025 model year and that more information would arrive today, March 14. Although Nissan has yet to confirm the GT-R's demise, today it did—as predicted—reveal the 2025 GT-R for the Japanese market.

Goodbye, Godzilla?

There are minimal changes to the GT-R for 2025. The Premium Edition—which serves as the base car in the United States—gains beautiful new Blue Heaven interior upholstery. The T-Spec and Track Edition engineered by NISMO—effectively the equivalent of the high-performance NISMO model sold on our shores—gain the weight-balanced piston rings, connecting rods, and crankshafts that were formerly exclusive to the NISMO Special Edition. These models also come with aluminum certification plates and gold-colored number plates in the engine bay.

2025 nissan gt r

Although Nissan doesn't outright say that this is the final iteration of the GT-R, the timing of the announcement lines up with the report by Japanese publication Mag X. The report also claimed that production of the 2025 GT-R would be capped at 1500 units. While there is no specific quantity quoted, Nissan's press release does mention that "production is limited."

Sales of the 2025 GT-R in Japan are due to kick off in June. It seems likely that the GT-R is living on borrowed time, but our only hope that this isn't the end is the expectation that the R35's conclusion would come with more fanfare, and, most likely, a special edition. With no announcement yet from Nissan's U.S. branch, we're holding out hope that the GT-R at least receives a proper send-off instead of quickly being ushered out the door.

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