People Who Live Alone Are Revealing The Weirdest Things They Do That Would Definitely Make Guests Raise An Eyebrow Of Confusion When They Visit

There's one specific stereotype that everyone universally believes about people who live alone: They shamelessly walk around naked all day, every day.

mindy st. claire from "the good place" saying "sorry about before. one of the perks of living alone is that I get to just walk around naked"
Fremulon / Via Netflix

As someone who lives by myself, I can personally guarantee that struttin' around in the nude is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to weird things I have the freedom to do. There are tons of other strange behaviors people who live by themselves engage in that you'd never expect. I'll go ahead and expose myself first: I know it's odd that the only utensils I own consist of one fork, a lone spoon, and a singular knife. It's my bizarre life hack to force myself to make sure my dishes don't pile up. If it's time to eat, I must wash The Fork™.

author holding fork, spoon, and knife with caption that says, "the gang's all here!"
Kelsie Hammond

I felt personally *seen* when I stumbled upon this Reddit thread on r/livingalone where u/mokkin asked, "What's the weirdest thing you do because you live alone?" Here are some of the most strange and interesting responses:

1."I like to eat a WHOLE CAKE (not all in one go) by sticking the fork right in the middle. I ain’t sharing. Why do I need to slice it up?"

Tina Fey as a comedian on SNL, eating cake from a sheet pan. She wears a gray sweatshirt and glasses
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2."Any time I sneeze, I say 'bless you!' to myself out loud."


3."I set up my hammock right in the middle of the living room."


4."Sometimes when I'm bored, I'll narrate my activities David Attenborough style."

Sir David Attenborough observing a frog on his finger, text mentions PBS and "Fabulous Frogs"

5."I dress up in a ball gown I found at Goodwill and drink tall boys while doing puzzles and listening to murder podcasts."


6."Sometimes I randomly lay down in the hallway at 3 a.m. juuust because I want to."


7."I host solo karaoke nights where I prepare snacks and drinks and then pretend I’m at a karaoke bar."

joseph gordon levitt singing passionately into a microphone with caption lyrics from "Tiny Dancer"
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8."I hate making my bed, but I hate the look of a messy bed — so I made my bed perfectly four months ago and slept on my couch ever since."


9."I like to learn full dance routines and then perform them for my dog and two cats. They don’t seem to appreciate all the hard work I put in."


10."Sometimes I pretend like I'm being followed by a camera in a music video. It makes me feel silly and confident, and I get a momentary dopamine hit all to myself."

Lady Gaga singing into a microphone, wearing sunglasses and fingerless gloves, with a floral pattern in the background

11."It’s almost a contest with myself on how gross I can be — belching, farting, blowing my nose like an old man, leaving my dirty underwear on the couch. I gotta get it all out in case I ever meet someone I do want to cohabitate with!"


12."I never turn the lights on anywhere in the house. I cook in the dark, pee in the dark, and play with my dog in the dark."


13."I clean in my highest high heels! It’s a fantastic workout!"

Person in heels and jeans using a gloved hand to clean a spill on the floor

14."I leave a Post-It note on the fridge with the date, time, and location of where I'm going whenever I go somewhere other than work. In the event I disappear mysteriously or get into a wreck that is not reported, then I can save my family some grief. 🙂"


15."I have pirate-themed bathroom decor...just because I can."


16."The weirdest thing I do is that I NEVER put laundry away. I live out of a laundry basket because who cares?! 🙃😆"

A laundry basket overflowing with assorted clothes, atop a washing machine
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17."I read a lot and sometimes find myself reading out loud. It's nice to not have anyone around to judge that."


18."I sit on the floor in my kitchen and lean against the bottom cabinets to eat dinner with the plate perched on my knees. I have no idea why, though, because I have a dining set, and the floor is not comfortable. 🤷🏻‍♀️"

Person sitting on floor eating a cookie, box of assorted cookies nearby

Leland Bobbe / Getty Images

19."I sleep on my mattress DIAGONALLY. 😂"


20."I eat literally everything out of Tupperware containers so I rarely have to do dishes."


21."I sing to the dog pretty much all day."

Man playing guitar with a dog attentively looking up at him
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Do you live alone and feel like exposing something super weird that you do behind closed doors? Let me know in the comments!

NOTE: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity