23 Hilariously Unfortunate Photos That Prove Parents Never Catch A Break

1.This parent got their penguin-loving daughter a penguin to track for Christmas, but it turned out the penguin was, uh, DEAD:

Google Maps screenshot

Merry Christmas, kid!

maggieufledu / Via reddit.com

2.This parent got their teenager a DoorDash gift card...but then the kid scratched off the PIN like this:

A damaged gift card

Well, there goes that food!

bunnymamallama / Via reddit.com

3.And this parent made their daughter a cake for their birthday, then — oh man — tried to put it in the fridge to cool off:

A spilled cake in a fridge
an303042 / Via reddit.com

4.This parent turned their back on their toddler for one moment...only for the 3-year-old to climb onto a stool and microwave (yes, microwave!) the Nintendo DS:

a broken Nintendo DS

5.This dad was helping his daughter move out of her apartment when a LITERAL couch dropped on his head:

Shaneblaster / Via reddit.com

6.And this parent bought their son his first telescope, but when it arrived broken, they checked their front door camera and...:

"Yep, that's the delivery person hurling the telescope package onto the porch"
Sarsinnj / Via reddit.com

7.This parent ordered their kid some fresh Nikes...but — big sigh — they came like this:

Shoes with the store tags on them
crankyrhino / Via reddit.com

8.This parent was excited to buy their white chocolate-loving kid this cereal...until they opened it:

Cereal with only one piece of white chocolate
I-Am-Maldoror / Via reddit.com

9.And this parent's 10-year-old somehow broke a double-pane window with a ping pong ball:

a hand holding a ping pong ball in front of a broken window
JR_LikeOnTheTVshow / Via reddit.com

10.This parent's 15-year-old tried to move the family Jeep to make room for a friend's car...and did this:

a Jeep that's crashed into a fence

11.This parent's daughter asked them if they could draw them the "Mona Lisa"...but the result ended up looking more like Vladimir Putin:

A rendering of the "Mona Lisa"
QuickSqueeze / Via reddit.com

12.And this parent had their kid slap their glasses right into their flippin' eyeball:

An eye mark on some glasses
picnicandpangolin / Via reddit.com

13.This mom wanted to make charm bracelets for her daughter and her friend...but opened the container upside down:

Spilled friendship bracelet materials
fromsky610 / Via reddit.com

14.This dad was excited to play video games with his 6-year-old when he got home...but found out his services were no longer needed as his kid learned to game online with friends from school:

"No thank you I got to log onto someone else's world."
densesalami / Via reddit.com

15.And this parent watched their toddler hurl their new present at the TV...doing this:

A cracked TV screen

That's one expensive gift.

Ranger-K / Via reddit.com

16.This parent's kid turned in their school work looking like THIS:

Scribbles on someone's homework

17.This parent paid big bucks for tickets to an aquarium...where their kiddo ended up most fascinated by THIS fish:

A child touching a painted fish on the sidewalk
EfficientInitial0 / Via reddit.com

18.And this parent woke up to discover that their teenage neighbors had a party and — for reasons known only to them — came into their yard and tagged their daughter's playhouse:

A playhouse with graffiti on it
stihgnob511 / Via reddit.com

19.These parents ordered shirts for their daughter's 8th birthday, but the Etsy shop took their notes a little too literally:

"This is for my daughter. Zoey's 8th birthday"
-RomeoZulu- / Via reddit.com

20.This parent's kid flew their drone into their hair:

A drone stuck in someone's hair
Cichlidsaremyjam / Via reddit.com

21.And this parent discovered their daughter's hairbrush in the bathroom looking absolutely lovely:

A hairbrush completely covered in hair
maddogcas2383 / Via reddit.com

22.This parent was excited to take their daughter fishing, but it ended after 15 minutes when...:

A fish hook in someone's skin
robrit00 / Via reddit.com

23.And this parent thought it'd be fun to take their kid to see their childhood home...and then drove up to see this:

A home that's been torn down and made into an empty lot
gjawhar / Via reddit.com

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