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The Best Netflix Original Movies

Even with a seemingly infinite budget and a round the clock production schedule, not all of Netflix’s original movies can be winners. Starting in 2015 with Beasts of No Nation, the streaming giant has since churned out hundreds of original films—some memorable, some less so, and some memorable for all the wrong reasons. Despite their now consistent presence at the Oscars, some Netflix original films have scored as low as 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. Remember The Ridiculous Six, a flatulent Adam Sandler production about six cowboys who go in search of their shared father? We wish we didn’t. Or how about The True Memoirs of an International Assassin, a movie that definitely shouldn’t (but definitely does) star Kevin James? We’re still scarred for life from that one.

Yet amid the drivel, there are bright spots. Take Netflix’s welcome foray into the romantic comedy space, with effervescent movies like Always Be My Maybe, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and Something Great leading the charge for a new slate of genre-affirming films. Or how about a once-in-a-lifetime film like Roma, a breathtaking work of vision about love and class in Mexico City? Sure, Netflix is inexplicably throwing money at David Spade, but it’s also throwing money at singular filmmakers like Alfonso Cuaron. If you suffer from original programming overload when you open Netflix on your television, you’re not alone. We’ve done the legwork for you in separating the forgettable and the ludicrous from the exceptional. Here are 30 of our favorites--watch them and never suffer from decision fatigue (or waste two precious hours on a subpar movie) ever again.

The Best Netflix Original Movies

From Academy Award-winners to delightful rom-coms, the streaming giant has a a little bit of everything.

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