25 Of The Creepiest Things People Have Ever Experienced (And Swear They Won't Ever Forget)

Every month, I ask BuzzFeed readers like you to share the creepiest experiences they've ever had. From run-ins with serial killers to ghosts, I've read it all! So, without further ado, here are 25 of the creepiest stories people shared this month:

1."I’m going to say this was around 1972. I was on a Boy Scout trip to Gettysburg. We'd just finished lunch and were playing hide-and-seek on one of the battlefields. There were a few cannons and a couple of trees to hide behind. About 15 of us headed for the woods. I was one of the first to make it. I dove behind a tree and looked out around it to see if I was in the clear. There was nobody anywhere. So I turned around to run, and there was this guy in overalls right in front of me. He had no face. I backed up and he said, 'What do you want?' I backed up some more and bolted. When I turned back to look behind me...nobody was there. To this day, I still wonder who or what that was. I’ve been back a few times looking for him, but I guess he doesn’t want to be seen. I was 11 or 12 at the time. I’ll never forget that feeling."

—George, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

2."My family got our first dog when I was a young teen. She lived with us for 15 years, and it was pretty devastating when she passed, because we'd never had a pet before. Four days after she passed, we had a family friend over with his young son, who was, I think, 3 or 4. They were from out of town. The son had never been to our house before, and we hadn't seen him since he was a baby. He had no idea we'd had a dog or anything. That night, we were having dinner, and he looked under the table and said, 'I don't like your ghost dog.' We all stopped and stared at him, and his dad was like, 'What did you say?' He repeated, 'I don't like your ghost dog,' while looking under the table."

"Our dog ALWAYS lay at our feet under the table while we ate dinner. There's no way this kid had any idea. We hadn't been talking about the dog because it was still fresh for us. I have no doubt she must have been hanging around and having dinner with us. Honestly, it was actually comforting knowing she was still with us."


3."One morning, early, my 4-year-old daughter woke screaming from a nightmare. She said that she saw a jet hit a really tall building and that people were falling and dying. It took a long time to calm her down. A couple of hours later, I was in the bath, and both kids started yelling at me to 'come right now!!' It was the morning of 9/11, and we were all pretty freaked out to see my daughter's nightmare happening in real life."

Smoke billows from the North Tower of the World Trade Center after a plane crash on 9/11
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4."I was cat-sitting for a neighbor who lived in a giant bicentennial Victorian house that she had filled up with a lot of random junk. It happened to be one of the first homes built in our town. I made my brother come with me because the house felt weird when I was there alone. I finished up the cat-sitting chores I had to do, and my brother insisted we look around the house a little bit, mostly because it still had a lot of the original design and features. We didn't want to disturb the house too much, so we decided to just look around the first floor. Well, we ended up at the bottom of the servants' staircase, and as we were chatting, we both saw a shadow go up the wall and around the corner at the top of the stairs."

"It looked like someone walking around, so we went up the stairs and, of course, didn't find anyone. But as soon as we turned into the hallway, we could smell something burning. We followed the smell to one of the bedrooms, where we found a lamp with no shade on, knocked over onto the floor. It had already burned a small hole into the carpet. We shut the lamp off and unplugged it. We figured that the owner had forgotten to turn the lamp off and one of the cats had knocked it over. The room was filled with books and magazines, and had we not followed the shadow up the stairs, the house almost certainly would've burned down very quickly, with all of the homeowner's possessions and pets left inside."


5."This occurred in 1970 when I was 6. I was in hospital for pneumonia. Mom and Dad had given me dimes for the pay phone so I could call home when I got lonely. One day, I walked down to the pay phone and called them. My grandmother answered, and we talked for a minute. Then she suddenly said, 'Try again,' said goodbye, and abruptly hung up. I phoned home again, and my Mom answered, so I asked her if Grandma was there. She said, 'No, she's at home.'"

"Many things were strange about this. I was only 6; I barely had my home phone number memorized. I didn't know my grandmother's phone number. My grandparents would have been a long-distance call, yet I didn't need to deposit additional money to talk to her. And my grandparents were on a party line. How could such a specific mistake happen? Still, nobody else treated it as unusual. My grandmother just shrugged when I brought it up the next time I saw her."

—Kirk, Alberta, Canada

6."I had an experience that I cannot explain. I got up to use the bathroom one night, then returned to the bedroom, where my husband was still asleep. This bedroom had sheer curtains and there was a streetlight outside, so there was always some light in there. This night, though, I walked back in to complete darkness. I'd only taken about three steps into the room when I slammed into what felt like a half wall. My upper abdomen hit the top of the 'wall' hard. Reacting, I put my arms out in front of myself and felt only air. I was very confused, and then fear set in. I was in utter darkness and quickly realized there was absolutely no sound at all. I could not imagine what I had walked into, as the only thing ahead should have been the low, soft foot of my bed."

"I slowly lowered my arms and felt the top of the wall, then over and behind the thing. It was thin, and the other side had a rough texture. No idea what it was. Nothing in my room would have been there or felt like that. This had all happened in just a few seconds. I suddenly didn't know where I was. It certainly didn't seem to be my bedroom. My desk should have been a few feet to my left, so I carefully stepped sideways and reached out to feel for it. There was nothing there. For a moment, I was too scared to move again. For some reason, I was afraid there would be no floor.

"Finally, I forced myself to turn around, back toward the door I had just entered. When I did, I could only see a few faint, sort of glowing lines where the door frame should be. Not the whole outline, just a few little bits. The light switch was next to the door, so I made myself step in that direction, reached out, and felt the switch. I flipped it, and the ceiling light came on. The bedroom was completely normal, and my husband was there in the bed, snoring loudly. I just stood there, shaking.

"A minute later, my husband opened his eyes and asked me why the bright light was on. I told him what had happened. When I told him about walking into what felt like a wall, I pointed to where my stomach had hit it, and he told me he could see the spot! I looked in the mirror and saw a deep red mark right where it had hit. By the next day, it was a purple bruise. It's hard to explain the depth of terror I felt at that moment when I really had no idea where I was and was afraid to move, not knowing what would happen. That was about 10 years ago, and it was so disturbing that I still sleep with the light on."


Eleven from Stranger Things appears worried in a light-colored dress with a ruffled collar

7."I am a photographer in Maui, Hawaii. I was hired to take photos and videos of a spiritual group that came to the island for a retreat/bonding kind of thing. I stayed with them at a resort about an hour and a half from where I lived. One late night, the group had a sound bath scheduled to be held at an old church. We were in the rec room, and the chapel was closed. They wanted photos of the location and them settling in, but when it started, I was invited to put my equipment down and participate! This type of stuff wasn't really my thing, but I was happy to be there."

"The instructor told us if we needed to use the restroom, it was located downstairs in the basement of this old church. Well, I had to pee in the middle of the sound bath, so I got up, quietly went out the door, and made my way downstairs to the restroom. It was terrifying. Dark and cold and little kids' outfits and toys all around. So I went in, I peed, and I booked it the hell out of there. I was going up the stairs with my head down when I bumped into someone. I looked up, saying, 'Oh, I'm sorry,' and standing in front of me was an older woman in a fancy outfit. An outfit someone would wear to church back in the day. She had a hat on and was looking down. I didn't see her face. All I remember is that she grabbed my arm in the process of us bumping into each other. She let go, and I went back into the sound bath.

"I lay back down and thought of nothing but this woman the rest of the time. I could still feel the coldness from where her hand was on my arm. I'm not sure what I believe in, but to this day, I can't figure out why she was there, all dressed up, at night when the chapel was closed. And why couldn't I see her face? Overall, I felt nothing but kindness from her, and she had a loving aura around her. Maybe she was real and went back to her church group and said, 'Some dumb chick just ran into me.' Or maybe she was a ghost. Who knows."


8."The piano that we have in my house belonged to my grandma, who is 100 years old and still alive. Every now and again, it will give off the scent of her favorite perfume, Cassini. She will still baste herself in the stuff for her one-day shopping trip. Anyways, when the piano has a stronger scent, I will casually ask my mom how Grandma is because she lives with my mom. On stronger scent days, she's usually sick, not feeling the best, or needs more help than usual. I joke, but not really, that when the whole house smells like Cassini, she will have passed on, and I will know it. It almost feels like the damn piano is a Horcrux."


9."Growing up, we lived in a small house where I shared a room and a bed with my younger brother. He's four years my junior, and we spent most of our time together as kids. One night, I dreamed that my brother and I were playing catch with a football. In the dream, he said something to taunt me, so I threw the football as hard as I could at him. I then immediately woke up to the sound of him falling out of bed and hitting the floor. Half asleep, he got back into bed without saying anything, and I chalked it up to a strange coincidence. The next day, I asked if he remembered falling out of bed in the middle of the night. He chuckled and said, 'Yeah, I was dreaming that you and I were throwing a football back and forth, but you threw it so hard, it knocked me over.' We had the same dream at the same time!"

Woman with a concerned expression looking out of a car window at night

—Stefen, Oklahoma


10."My father died of a heart attack in the mobile home he and Mom lived in for 14 years. They were married for over 54 years. I would spend every other weekend with Mom there. On a very cold Saturday night, my mom brought in a comforter and put it on a chair across the room in case I got cold. It was very chilly, but I didn't want to get out of bed to get the comforter. A few minutes later, I felt someone tucking the comforter over me, and I fell back to sleep. In the morning, I thanked Mom for covering me at night. She swore that she never got up or entered the guest room. I know it was my dad taking care of me. We were very close."


11."I attended a candlelight Christmas service at a spiritualist church. Mediums would pick up random candles and 'read' them. A medium held my candle and stated that a spirit named 'Dudgeon' was there with us. That's my grandmother's unique maiden name."


12."My mom passed away from cancer a little over three years ago. My parents lived in Germany and I lived in Canada, so their time zone was nine hours ahead of mine. When my sister-in-law called to tell me that the time had come to turn off my mom's life support and stop the medications, it was early morning for them and bedtime for me. We knew that she would pass sometime within the next day. I cried myself to sleep, wishing I could have one last goodbye, and woke up around 2 a.m. Like, wide awake for no particular reason. My husband wasn't in bed, so I went downstairs to find him sitting on the couch, staring into the kitchen. He was as white as a sheet, and he didn't spook easily."

"He said he woke up because he heard a noise in the kitchen, but there wasn't anything there, so he sat on the couch (which had a view of the kitchen). After a few minutes, the K-Cup coffee-maker started up by itself, making the noise as if it was about to brew a coffee. I saw the light on it, so I went into the kitchen and put a coffee mug under the spout. I didn't touch a single button. Coffee started coming out of the spout. FRESH coffee, although there hadn't been a pod in there! I went and sat back on the couch and watched it with my husband. JUST then, my sister-in-law called to say my mom had passed. My husband and I knew my mom had come to make us one last cup of coffee. She had always wanted to get us a K-Cup machine, but we refused because of the environmental factor...then finally got one, much to her amusement. She always made us a coffee in it when she visited."

—Ella, Vancouver

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13."My best friend and I were both avowed practical jokers and would do all sorts of things to scare each other or place the other in hilarious situations. One particularly funny incident was when I sneaked into his apartment building before he came home from work, unscrewed all the light bulbs in the hallway so that everything was pitch black, then waited for him to come home. When he got to his apartment door, I grabbed his leg, and he screamed like a soprano on helium. My friend suddenly became very ill in late 1998 from progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, an AIDS-related illness. Despite his wishes to come to stay with me during his final days, his strict mother forced him to stay at his parents' home in coastal South Carolina."

"His condition got worse. Although I had made several trips to see him, I had to travel for work one weekend instead of going to spend time with him. I was exhausted after I returned home to Atlanta, so I went to bed. At approximately 6 in the morning, I woke up feeling as if my entire body was being electrocuted…as if an intense current was passing through me. I stood up ON TOP OF my bed, took a few steps, then proceeded to fall face-first over the footboard, onto the floor. I landed in a tangle. I picked myself up and went back to sleep.

"When I woke up a few hours later, I checked my voicemail, and there was a message from his father. He had passed away at approximately 6 that morning. All these years later, I have had the conviction that he had to pull one last practical joke on me as he exited this world, and shocking me and causing me to collapse in a heap on the floor was his way of doing it!"


14."My mom unexpectedly died when I was young. My brother lived out of state at the time. On his way up to my younger brother and me, he received an email from our mother's email address. It was blank and was sent after she passed. We always thought it was her way of saying goodbye to him."


15."About a month after our grandmother passed away, my cousin asked if he could take Grandma's chest of drawers and vanity for his 4-year-old daughter to use. The rest of the family, of course, said yes, so he took it to his house about 200 miles away and set it up in his daughter's room. One night, a few weeks later, he went upstairs to tell her to come down for dinner and heard her jabbering away. He peeked in and saw her talking into the mirror of the vanity. At dinner, he asked who she had been talking to, and she said, 'Grandma.'"

"Smiling a bit, he asked if she talked to her a lot, and his daughter said, 'Yes, she comes and reads to me every night.' As the smile started to slip from my cousin's face, she continued, 'And Little Grandpa is always with her.' My grandpa died 25 years earlier when my cousin and I were 10 years old. Grandpa was a small, wiry man, maybe 5 feet 4 and 130 pounds. My cousin was trying to think if there were any pictures she might have seen of Grandpa when she said, 'And sometimes Big Grandpa comes too.' Then she perfectly described my great-grandfather — Grandma's father — who died when my mom was a little girl. There aren't any pictures of him at all, but how she described him is exactly how my mom remembered him."

My cousin recounted this story to a coworker from Vietnam, who said that in his culture, they believe children can see the spirits of the deceased until they lose their first tooth. About a year later, she lost her first tooth. After a couple of months, my cousin asked his daughter if she still saw Grandma. His daughter shook her head kind of sadly and said, 'No, Grandma doesn't come visit me anymore.'"

—Jennifer, Wisconsin

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16."My much-loved Jack Russell terrier named Iz had recently died. She was my constant companion for over 16 years, and I was mourning the loss. On this particular day, my husband had left the house to walk our other terrier, and I was alone in the second-floor office. Sitting at the computer, I distinctly heard dog tags jingling down the hallway. Not looking away from the screen, I thought my husband had returned and our dog was greeting me. I called out to her, but there was no answer, and I realized they weren't home. There was no dog at my feet, but the sound of her tags had been clear as day. Shortly after that occurrence, my husband woke up one night and saw a transparent white shape the same size as Iz sleeping in the doorway of our room."

"Another time, our daughter was visiting and began climbing the stairs to the second floor. Suddenly she said, 'Iz, what are you doing here?' She stopped and turned around with a stunned expression when it occurred to her that Iz was dead and couldn't be standing there looking at her. I believe Iz was saying goodbye."


17."When I was about 23, I worked for a bank in Costa Mesa, California. One year for the Halloween party, they hired a medium. We stood in line to have our palms read. At the time, I planned to remain childless and had no interest in becoming a parent. This medium told me several very accurate things, but one of them was that I would have three children. I scoffed, of course. Years later, I met and married a man with three children and figured that's what the medium meant. Again, years later, I got divorced and then remarried. Sure enough, we went on to have three sons. We tried for more, but it didn't happen. I was older anyway, so it wasn't too surprising. I do like to think that the medium knew what she was talking about all those years ago."

—Cheryl, San Diego

18."When I was 19, my mom passed away from cancer. I was a couple of weeks pregnant, but I wasn't aware at the time. When she got sick, we got her a new recliner that was big and comfy and only for her. After she passed, I got married and moved out. I took her recliner with me. A few months later, I got up for one of my many trips to pee at night. There she was, sitting in the recliner. Her hair had grown back, and she was wearing her favorite outfit. I was shocked, but all I could get out was a hello. I stood and talked to her for a while. She told me that I was having a girl, and she was supposed to be born in June but wouldn't be here until July. She told me I wasn't going to stay with 'him' — my then-husband, who at that time was cheating on me and I didn't know — as well as a few other things. Everything she told me actually happened! Every single thing."

"My due date was June 29. My daughter was born on July 5. I ended up moving back home when my daughter was 2 because my ex couldn't be faithful if he wanted to. When I walked in the door, the first thing my dad said to me was, 'Your mother said she's happy you're home.' I chalked that up to his depression because he was struggling with her loss. He took all her pictures down and kept them in the back of the closet because he couldn't handle looking at them. It was as if she was never there, but you could still feel her there.

"Dad worked the night shift (4 to midnight), so on this particular night, my daughter was sleeping. Since it was just the two of us there, I took a bath but left the door open so I could hear if she got up. I heard the sound of someone on the back porch but knew it wasn't Dad, as he wouldn't be home for a few more hours. I was expecting a knock or even the door to open because our house was older, and you could hear almost every movement. I started to hear footsteps in the dining room, but the door never opened. Then they were in the living room. Then they started making their way down the hallway toward the bathroom.

"Out of panic or stupidity — I'm not sure which — I yelled out, 'I don't care who you are, but I don't want to see or hear you.' Immediately, the footsteps stopped. About two minutes later, I heard my daughter laughing and talking to someone. 'Hi, Grandma! You're back to play with me!' she said. I didn't move for a long time. It wasn't until I heard her say, 'Bye, Grandma!' that I had the guts to go check on her. I know, I'm terrible, but I was terrified, for some reason.

"Every so often after that, I would hear her laughing and talking by herself. I'd ask her what she was doing, and she'd always say she was playing with Grandma. Do I believe her? I do. One day, she came out to the dining room to tell me that Grandma was very happy that I named her after her. None of us had told her that because it was over a year before I could call her by her name. It had to have been my mom.

"When she was 3, I got a bunch of family pictures out and set them on the table. I called her in and told her we were going to look at pictures. I was about to start going through them with her when she looked and yelled, 'There's Grandma!' Sure enough, she picked the one picture I had chosen of my mother to put out. She was with two of her sisters in that picture, but my daughter pointed right at her.

"There was a lot more that happened like that in that house, and almost 20 years later, Sharon — my daughter — will still ask me if I remember when she would talk to Grandma. I doubt either of us will ever forget, but I'm happy they actually got to meet. When I moved back home, her room became my daughter's playroom, and I know she would have wanted it that way. I miss that house, and if I ever get the chance to buy it again, I will in a heartbeat."


Transparent figure looms over sleeping person, suggesting a ghostly presence in a dimly lit room
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19."About 10 years ago, I worked at the mall, selling sunglasses. Our store was in the center square of the mall, and the front of the store was quite small, but our back room was huge. I always felt as if I was being watched when I was back there. Anyway, this particular night, I was filling out the night deposit slip at the checkout counter, way after the mall had closed. All of a sudden, these gray, wet arms with purple cuts all over them came up from behind me and were moving toward my neck. Whatever it was had hooves instead of human feet, from the sound of it. I stepped back and screamed, but no sound came out. Then, all of a sudden, I was alone again."

"I was so freaked out that I basically just left mid–closing procedures. I was scheduled to open in the morning, so I thought, Who cares! and bolted. Shortly after that, I transferred to a different location. To this day, I still do not know what that was. I've only told a handful of people, and they all look at me as if I've lost my mind."

—Jenn, Norman, Oklahoma

20."When I was 12, a teacher asked two of my friends and me to go to the school gymnasium to get something. It was located at the end of the school, where there were no classrooms. The gym was not being used at the time, either. When we arrived at the double doors, two of us opened them simultaneously. The gym was pitch black, as the only window was high up near the ceiling, on the wall to our left. The window was also covered with a thick, blue curtain, so no light came through. But there on ground level was a white glowing figure, standing at the back of the gym, directly in front of us."

"We all saw it immediately, screamed, and ran back to class. We told the teacher what we saw, and he came with us to investigate. When we got there, the figure was gone. The teacher insisted it was the light from the window, but even if the light did penetrate through the curtains, it would have shown onto the middle or right side of the gym. There was no way light would have reached the corner that the figure had stood in. Both my friends and I were certain of what we saw, even though we didn't know what it was. Still creeps me out to this day."


21."I was about eight months pregnant with my daughter one hot summer. I had the day off work and was home with just the dogs. My two puppies had run down the basement stairs, and I was headed down there to give them a bath. As I pulled the door closed behind me, I lost my balance on the second step and started to fall forward. Suddenly, I felt the weight of some invisible force push down on my shoulders, which caused my heels to go back down onto the step. That invisible force (whoever it was) saved me and my baby from what would have been a bad fall down to a concrete floor."

—C.J., Ohio

22."About a year ago, I was taking a lifesaving class at a pool near me, which we usually ended up leaving at around 9:15 p.m. A lot of the girls left really early that night, so it was just me and one other girl there until the end. After class, I headed to the locker room. Immediately upon entering, you would be in a narrow mini hallway directly in front of a cubicle. If you turned right (facing the cubicle), you would enter an open space with lockers and benches that curved away, and the space would close a little and split into showers and bathroom stalls. I was changing, facing the left-side lockers so that I could directly see the bathroom stalls but not the showers because of the dividing wall where the showerheads hung. My friend was in the cubicle, and neither of us was talking. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a blurry figure that looked strangely like her pass me and go toward the stalls."

"I chalked it up to my eyes playing tricks on me. A few moments later, my friend exited the locker room, and I heard her stop, so I turned around and did a double take (more on that later). She said, 'You're still here? I thought you left!' I looked at her in surprise and told her that I never left. She then told me that she saw feet under the cubicle and heard the locker room door open and close (it was a very loud, creaky, and slow door), so she thought I was gone. I then told her about the shadow that I saw too.

"Here's the weirdest part, though: As I mentioned, I did a double take because the thing I saw was wearing exactly the same clothes that she had changed into: a light pink T-shirt and black leggings. Not only that, but she typically left her hair down after changing, but this time, she had tied it up into a high ponytail, just like the shadow thing I'd seen!!! Keep in mind that there was no way I could have seen her clothes beforehand, as she kept them in her backpack, and I distinctly remember that her hair was not tied when she entered the cubicle.

"We both stood there, freaked out, before I said out loud, 'Is anyone there?' The light directly above the cubicle and another one above the nearest bathroom stall both flickered a little. We dashed so fast out of there, practically slamming the door shut. The incident is definitely still on my mind sometimes because neither one of us had any explanation for what happened. I haven't had the chance to return, but I’m curious to see if I have another weird experience there again."


Man with a surprised expression in a casual dark top

23."My grandma died a terrible death. We think she died after falling and being unable to get up for a few days. At the time, I was on vacation with a boyfriend in Aruba. I had a dream that I watched her fall out of a throne on a cloud and that she couldn't get up. I woke up crying. About three days after that, my mom called to tell me that her body was found and she had clearly been dead for at least two days. My grandmother was really my most stable attachment growing up. It was extremely sad, but I hope she's at peace now."


24."My husband (boyfriend at that time) and I moved to Columbus, Ohio, and rented an apartment until we could get a house. He had to have work done on his car at that time, so he took my car, and my coworker picked me up in the morning once or twice. My hubby worked super early, so no one else was there when I left for work. I locked the door as usual and walked down to the parking lot where my friend was waiting. I got in the car, looked back at the apartment, and noticed these huge yellow eyes in the window. I said to my friend, 'Do you see that?' and she was like, 'What the hell is that?' These eyes didn't look human at all, so it was just weird. She did not like ghosts or anything paranormal and got us out of there quickly."

"I saw those eyes again over the next few months. It wasn't often, and I didn't feel anything sinister about them, so I eventually just kind of got to the point where I was like...Oh, there they are. Weird, right? The following year, we built a house not far from the apartment, and I hadn't seen the yellow eyes for quite some time, so I honestly started to forget about them. We were busy with the house and I changed shifts at work, so I had to leave super early every morning for a while.

"One morning, I backed out of the garage and waited for the door to close before I left. Mind you, it wasn't even 5:30 a.m. yet and was super dark. I happened to look up at our bedroom window on the second floor and saw the eyes. I stared for a moment, wondering why I hadn't seen them in so long. For some reason, I told those eyes, 'I'm okay.' After that, I never saw them again. I have no idea who or what they were or if they were actually just looking after me. I still don't understand it to this day."


25.And finally, "I was raised by my mother and grandparents in an old Victorian home built after the Civil War. My room was at the top of the stairs, and my mother's room (which was also her childhood room) was across the hall. In it was a staircase to the attic. As a kid, I vividly remember playing with my He-Man figures at the top of the stairs (yep, proud Gen X'er here) and how I would talk to and watch a being I called 'the Wavy Man' walk the long hallway and disappear. He was a human figure with this wavy-like quality to him, like what a mirage in the desert looks like, hence his name."

"I was never scared of him. He didn't seem harmful. One day, I told my mom that he left her room right after her. She turned white as a ghost, no pun intended. She changed the subject immediately. As I got older, I saw him less and less. It was a common occurrence for doors upstairs to open or close on their own, though. I asked about it a few times as a kid, but again the subject was changed.

"Years later, I was at church, and a group of older people were telling the youth class stories from the town I lived in. One lady looked right at me and asked if I'd ever seen the man who hanged himself in my grandparents' attic when the stock market crashed in 1929. I froze! I remembered the Wavy Man and him walking from my mom's room, which was connected to the attic!

"Again, I got no answers from my family. Years passed, and I became an adult. My mother admitted to me that when she was a kid in her room, she would hide under her covers at night because she 'felt' a man watching her. I was frozen!

"Doors continued opening and closing upstairs by themselves, and I often heard footsteps walking down the hallway. My family would never talk about it. My grandmother insisted it was 'rubbish' and hated when the topic was brought up.

"My grandfather passed in 2008, and literally since that day, my grandmother refuses to sleep upstairs or go upstairs in that house at night! The house is massive, and she sleeps in a chair downstairs to this day. She's in her 90s now and still refuses to talk about the Wavy Man."

—T.K., Pennsylvania

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