27 Funny People Who Are More Than A Little Bit Of Trouble

1.The person who noticed this book's depiction of Uranus was...strangely accurate:

Uranus in a book
u/ebtcrew / Via reddit.com

2.The wife who was left unattended at Target (and really shouldn't have been):

"Welcome to Boner Land" spelled in stockings
u/SkunkApe425 / Via reddit.com

3.And the guy in this German supermarket who couldn't stop himself from pointing out this product:

u/Quality-control_NOgo / Via reddit.com

4.Whoever put up this message:

"Men choosing paint must have note from wife"
u/well_hotdog / Via reddit.com

5.The writer of this totally unhelpful but hilarious sign:

Stay calm, don't panic!
u/Echonight2 / Via reddit.com

6.And the smart ass who did this when running a bath:

Soap in a bathtub
u/Will_Ford / Via reddit.com

7.The nerdy smart ass here:

Closeup of someone's sweater with a math pun on it

8.Carlos, definitely Carlos:

"Every taco is hand-rolled with exotic Mexican spices by genuine Mayan virgins."
u/rodovadu / Via reddit.com

9.And the person who hung this heartwarming sign:

"This is not a whore house it is a ... whore home"
u/Every-Lawyer-9706 / Via reddit.com

10.The job applicant who — tired of being asked what their greatest strength is — had these cards made:

"My ability to anticipate"
u/jDubbaYo / Via reddit.com

11.The person who left this "parking violation" on the hood of a seriously crappy parker:

"Parking Violation"
u/Fiestabringer / Via reddit.com

12.And the person who left something else every bit as snarky:

"Please don't reproduce"
u/fistbump101 / Via reddit.com

13.Tim and Lori who really know how to make the best (and funniest) out of a bad situation:

"Tim & Lori Are Getting Divorced"
u/ch_cushion_dorito / Via reddit.com

14.The guy who liked to leave public restrooms looking like a five-star hotel:

Folded toilet paper
u/tommygunn712 / Via reddit.com

15.And the troublemaker who had a little fun with this truck company's name:

u/daviess / Via reddit.com

16.The smart ass who framed a scathing comment someone named Kyle left about him online:

"Maybe he'd fit better in the hardware department with the other tools."
u/Beerbrewing / Via reddit.com

17.The person responsible for this deliciously ridiculous White Elephant gift:

A hanger wrapped in paper
u/whole_farted / Via reddit.com

18.And the kid responsible for this email getting sent to mom and dad:

"A minor issue, but I thought I should let you know."
u/andshedanced / Via reddit.com

19.The kid who answered this question 100% THEIR way:

u/Blxckdust / Via reddit.com

20.The parent who made the most of their kids wanting Spider-Man costumes:

Kids dressed as Spider-Man pointing to each other
u/Houville / Via reddit.com

21.And the guy who did the most unsettling face swap possible:

A man with an outlet for a face
u/mirk__ / Via reddit.com

22.The jokester who left this second note:

"Maybe it just needs some encouragement??"
u/slarti08 / Via reddit.com

23.Ryan in search of other Ryans:

"Is your name Ryan?"
u/aetryx / Via reddit.com

24.And the dad who — tired of his family talking endlessly about Taylor Swift — put out a "Taylor Swift jar" (like a swear jar) requiring 25 cents for any TS mention:

A Taylor Swift jar
u/jray1126 / Via reddit.com

25.The dude who put a "post-coital survey" on the wall next to the room of his roommate (who was getting a lot of action):

"Isaac's Post-Coital Survey"
u/themedicd / Via reddit.com

26.The girlfriend who was hilariously un-chill about not being engaged (and fair enough after almost nine years):

"And we're still not engaged"
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

27.And lastly, the dad who did THIS when his daughter said the vacuum cleaner was broken:

A pile of hair and dust
u/Philly_ExecChef / Via reddit.com

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