28 Bizarre Photos That Have Me Believing In Time Travel, Alternate Universes, And More

1.In another universe, Hilary Clinton was President.

hilary clinton president of the united states on a playing card
u/RegretsZ / Via reddit.com

2.And there are apparently blue stop signs.

  sm9u / Via reddit.com
sm9u / Via reddit.com

3.And blue Redboxes.

  u/ghost_haha / Via reddit.com
u/ghost_haha / Via reddit.com

4.In that other timeline, the date February 30 exists.

expiration date on a food item reads feb 30
u/Eudevie / Via reddit.com

5.I feel like this thing in the sky might be a hole to another universe. Either that, or we're living in a Hunger Games-style arena.

rainbow colors outlining a cloud
u/pseudo-boots / Via reddit.com

6.Apparently, Utah exists in an alternate universe where calories don't work quite the same. Having seen how strange Utah is, I'd buy it.

serving facts have a different row of info for when it's sold in Utah
u/cardadad_pods / Via reddit.com

7.This copy of 1984 is definitely from another universe...where Wonder Woman was somehow involved.

cover of goerge orwells 1984 with a wonder woman logo on it
u/jasmineflower001 / Via reddit.com

8.Pretty sure this dog is a monster from another universe.

dogs shadow looks like a skinny wolf
u/5T0P5H4D0WB4NN1NGM3 / Via reddit.com

9.Or maybe everything around us is just a simulation running on a loop.

box falling off a truck on the freeway and then bouncing back into the truck
u/Exastiken / Via reddit.com

10.This pixelated shadow proves we're living in a simulation.

shadow looks pixelated by a charging chord
u/Mottis86 / Via reddit.com

11.And this shadow is definitely a glitch in the matrix.

shadow behind the sign of a store
u/thehippestmanalive / Via reddit.com

12.Oh, look! Another glitch!

signs on a building are upside down
u/titopin / Via reddit.com

13.I don't know exactly why these leaves are standing straight up, but something is NOT right here.

leaves in the snow standing up
u/Buck_Thorn / Via reddit.com

14.This mini ground cloud has me convinced that nothing is real.

  u/Well_thats_cool / Via reddit.com
u/Well_thats_cool / Via reddit.com

15.I'm almost positive this is a flat backdrop glued to a fake window.

perfect clouds and landscape out the window
u/ChapterFinal9714 / Via reddit.com

16.We are on a film set!!!

building looks flat and one-dimensional
u/CamZhu / Via reddit.com

17.This is a real photo of construction outside a building, and yet it looks so computer-generated, I'm starting to believe we're in a game of the Sims.

construction happening
u/Einfinitez / Via reddit.com

18.Yep. Definitely in a game of the Sims. And it's being played by a sadistic kid who removes pool ladders and has elevators open into empty space.

doors lead to nothing on the second floor
u/dope_as_the_pope / Via reddit.com

19.The kid playing also accidentally placed this giant tree upside down.

tree hanging upside down on the street
u/Beggar-Hero / Via reddit.com

20.Weather is fake and there is someone operating a snow machine through the (fake) sky — that is the only explanation.

half of the street is snowing and the other half is not
u/Arianabell26 / Via reddit.com

21.And they're getting real lazy with the cloud simulators, too.

clouds along only one side of the sky
u/Derromadzaymemer / Via reddit.com

22.It's not just the sky, either — the ground is looking realllll sus from above.

from above the ground looks like a game-generated map
u/Covertlyenliven236 / Via reddit.com

23.The Mandela Effect is actually evidence of other universes. How else do you explain this proof of the Fruit of the Loom logo with the cornucopia?

tag on a shirt
SCP-420-B / Via reddit.com

24.Or this Monopoly money that gives the old dude the monocle, which definitely slipped through a wormhole from another universe?

gmae money with the guy wearing a monocle
u/ItzPrizmah / Via reddit.com

25.As if all this wasn't enough, I'm starting to think time means nothing, or at least that time travel is real.

dates modified on a document show the years 2030, 2054, and 201
u/reddemon46 / Via reddit.com

26.Is someone trying to tell us something from the future?

my phone sent me an email from 25 years in the future
u/nokstar / Via reddit.com


date of birth listed as 2041
u/ironbattery / Via reddit.com

28.And finally, nothing will convince me that the dude on the right isn't a time traveler sent back to save the man on the left.

guy taps another guy on the should so he can dodge a large ladder coming his way
u/MusicTopMaker / Via reddit.com