30 Things Literally Every Millennial Had In Their Parents' House Growing Up In The '90s

1.Cans of frozen juice concentrate in the freezer to make "fresh juice":

Frozen juice concentrate being emptied from carton into a mug
u/noconnostalgia / Via

2.A copy of The Doctors Book of Home Remedies, which usually was in the kitchen among the cookbooks:

Book cover of "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies" by Prevention Magazine Health Books

3.The orange and yellow Little Tikes Picnic Table, which was usually either covered in crayon and marker scribbles or faded from the sun after being left in the backyard for years:

A small, plastic children's picnic table with attached benches
JayRam85 / Via

4.Landline phones that had the squishy buttons and a light that turned on as soon as you lifted the receiver:

A close-up of a person's finger pressing a button on a telephone keypad
Janet Jackson/ UMG / Via

5.Backup mini-tapes for the answering machine that were usually stored in the junk drawer:

A pack of three Sony 60-minute microcassettes in plastic casing, used for recording

6.Homey food resin wall decor in the kitchen (if your family's kitchen was country apple-themed and not country geese-themed):

Decorative wall art featuring a collection of stylized kitchen items and food

7.And matching country apple canisters on the counters to really reenforce the theme:

Vintage ceramic apple-designed kitchen canister on a counter with brick backdrop

8.Glade PlugIns when they used gel packets that would get all gooey and covered in dust:

Six open cold medicine blister packs with remaining medicine and one empty pack
pizza_for_nunchucks / Via

9.Corn holders that half the time your parents forgot to pull out whenever you guys were eating corn on the cob:

Two yellow plastic corn holders with metal prongs, isolated on a white background

10.A fancy decorative Mexican folk art or Southwest plate that nobody was allowed to use and was just a decoration in the dining room:

Decorative ceramic plate with a colorful floral pattern displayed on a stand

11.Fake plastic grapes in a bowl in the dining room or kitchen that were always covered in a small layer of dust:

Four bunches of artificial grapes with varying shades arranged on a light surface

12.Decorative cardboard boxes that were meant to look like they were decoupaged:

Vintage-style floral patterned box with classic artwork and intricate details

13.Rubbermaid plastic laundry hampers with the ventilation holes and were indestructible:

Beige laundry basket in front of a kitchen cabinet

14.The metal mattress frame with the wheels (why did it have wheels?) that you would either stub your toes on or hit the corner of with your lower shin:

Metal bed frame with wheels and no mattress

15.Bath oil beads in the bathroom that were purely decorative and nobody ever used:

Bath oils and natural sponges arranged next to handmade soap, suggesting a luxurious self-care routine
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16.A wicker mail basket in the kitchen or near the front door that usually ended up being just full of only junk mail and catalogs:

Oval wicker basket with intertwined handle displayed on a flat surface

17.The Campbell's Kids soup mugs that were perfect for not just soup, but also hot cocoa with marshmallows:

Collection of four vintage Campbell's soup mugs with various illustrations of the Campbell Kids characters

18.This ~fancy~ lamp that your parents would have on their desk and would also burn the hell out of you if you touched it while it was on:

Retro levitating lamp with illuminated green edge, on a wooden surface against a white plank backdrop

19.The ~fancy~ glass domed clock that you were always tempted to take the dome off of and play with the suspension springs:

Antique pendulum clock under glass dome on marbled background

20.Metal candle wall sconces that held candles that were NEVER lit:

Two wall-mounted candle holders with sun and crescent moon designs

21.Pretty marbled picture frames that were either in the living room or on your parents' dresser:

Two empty picture frames with multicolored abstract patterns on the borders

22.And the collage photo frames in the hallway that were full of old photos:

A variety of empty picture frame shapes displayed within a larger frame, labeled "Fashion Classics."

23.Dried flower swags that hung over a doorway or framed wall art:

Floral arrangement with various flowers and leaves on a plain background

24.Stamps used to decorate stationery or for scrapbooking:

Four wooden blocks with animal and plant stamps against a table

25.Heart-shaped organizers (with that rubbery coating) that were pretty impractical for drawers:

Two heart-shaped wicker baskets on a textured surface

26.The orb candles that gave off an oh-so-pretty glow when they were about halfway burned:

A lit spherical candle with floral patterns

27.The Disney collector cups that were sold at Burger King and were the best cups to drink out of:

Collection of Disney glasses featuring characters from Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Jungle Book, and Aladdin

28.The oak kitchen table that had the most uncomfortable matching chairs:

A round wooden table with four matching chairs in an interior setting

29.The low-profile entertainment center that held the TV that weighed, like, 150 pounds:

Vintage entertainment center with a boxy CRT television and VCR units

30.And lastly, the stereo with the three-disc CD player and remote control that felt like the height of technology:

Aiwa stereo system with two speakers and a remote control from the late 1990s to early 2000s