300: Rise Of An Empire reveals official logo

Mark Lankester
Yahoo UK Movies News

The first logo for upcoming Spartan spin-off ‘300: Rise Of An Empire’ has been released.

The movie will reportedly focus on the Battle of Artemisium, a naval engagement that happened at the same time as the Spartan’s last stand at Battle of Thermopylae in the 2006 film.

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The not-quite-prequel will also follow Xerxes, the Persian God-king of the first film (played by Rodrigo Santoro) and his rise to power. Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton will co-star as Artemisia and Themistocles respectively.

Zack Snyder will be handing directing duties over to Israeli Noam Murro, but will be making his presence felt as producer.

It’s unsure just how much of our Spartan heroes we’ll be seeing at the moment – mainly because most of them finished up the 2006 film dead on the battlefield.

‘300: Rise Of An Empire’ began production last summer in Sofia, Bulgaria – and is set for UK release 2 August 2013.