335-HP Volkswagen ID.Buzz GTX Will Come to U.S. as an AWD Model

volkswagen idbuzz gtx
335-HP VW ID.Buzz GTX Coming to U.S. as AWD ModelVolkswagen
  • Volkswagen has revealed the ID.Buzz GTX, a 335-hp dual-motor electric van for Europe.

  • While the GTX badging won't make it stateside, the all-wheel-drive powertrain will be fitted into the U.S.-bound long-wheelbase ID.Buzz.

  • More details on the U.S.-market model should arrive closer to the ID.Buzz's on-sale date this fall.

After revealing the 322-hp ID.3 GTX hot hatch and 335-hp ID.7 GTX Tourer last week, Volkswagen continues to expand its sporty EV subbrand. The latest vehicle to wear the GTX branding is the electric ID.Buzz minivan, which gains a 335-hp dual-motor powertrain. While the GTX badging will remain exclusive to Europe—as on the other models—Volkswagen has confirmed that the same all-wheel-drive powertrain will make it to the U.S.

volkswagen idbuzz gtx

The GTX, along with the U.S.-bound AWD model, packs a 107-hp motor on the front axle and a 282-hp motor powering the rear wheels. Volkswagen is offering the GTX powertrain on both short- and long-wheelbase models for Europe, but America will only receive the longer ID.Buzz. Top speed for the van is capped at 99 mph, and Volkswagen didn't share acceleration estimates.

Two batteries are offered for the GTX, a 79.0-kWh unit or a 86.0-kWh pack. Maximum charging capacity is 185 kW and 200 kW, respectively, and at DC fast-charging stations, both batteries will go from 10 to 80 percent in around 26 minutes, Volkswagen claims. The U.S.-spec car should come exclusively with the big battery, but Volkswagen's American arm said that full details of the U.S.-bound ID.Buzz AWD will come later this year.

While Volkswagen of America said that the all-wheel-drive model won't receive "the GTX badging and equipment set," the European van wears custom bumpers that mirror the look of the other GTX models. The GTX will also be offered without the two-tone look, as seen in the all-red example here, and flashier wheels.

volkswagen idbuzz gtx

Inside, the GTX is the only ID.Buzz to feature a black headliner, and there are also GTX-specific seats with red accents. The steering wheel also gains red stitching, and the long-wheelbase van will be offered in Europe with both five and seven seats. The GTX models will also get the latest version of Volkswagen's infotainment system, which now has a voice assistant with ChatGPT integration. The touchscreen grows by nearly an inch to 12.9 inches, and there is now an exit warning system that alerts passengers to oncoming vehicles or cyclists when opening a door.

The long-wheelbase model is also being offered with a panoramic sunroof with "smart glass" that can switch from transparent to opaque at the push of a button. Further details about the all-wheel-drive powertrain and what options will make it to the United States should arrive as the ID.Buzz's on-sale date approaches this fall.

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