40 Forgotten Pandemic Trends From 4 Years Ago That Feel Like They Are From An Alternate Universe

40 Forgotten Pandemic Trends From 4 Years Ago That Feel Like They Are From An Alternate Universe

It's blowing everyone's minds that we are four years out from the p*ndemic.

Sign reading "SCHOOL CLOSED" in front of a building, indicating a temporary closure
Ayman Haykal / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Because it seems like "pandemic nostalgia" is a thing right now, let's take a look at all of the forgotten trends of the time...

1.Making dalgona coffee:

Person's hand drizzling whipped coffee over milk in a glass, surrounded by scattered coffee beans
Reda&co / REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

2.People doing the "Pillow Challenge" on Insta:

3. The "nature is healing" meme:

Twitter: @taladorei

4.Changing your Zoom background to something "quirky":

5. Changing your Zoom avatar to something like a potato:

@PeggyClegg / Via Twitter: @PettyClegg

6.And obviously, the dreaded Zoom Happy Hour:

Person raising a glass in a virtual toast with friends on a tablet screen
Olivier Douliery / AFP via Getty Images

7.Obsessing over Tiger King:

Man in a brown jacket and jeans with crutches near lions, text overlay "I REFUSE TO WEAR A SUIT"

8.And also Carole Baskin:

Smiling woman in floral print outfit at an event
Araya Doheny / Getty Images for NightFly Entertainment, Ltd.

9. Celebrities making songs about washing your hands:

@GloriaGayner / Via Twitter: @urdadssidepiece

10. Hoarding toilet paper:

@Torrezriley / Via Twitter: @torrezriley

11.Hoarding meat:

A shopping cart filled with packages of raw meat
Spencer Althouse

12. Basically, hoarding basically everything except Corona beer:

Twitter: @jameshurley_

13. Stores being sold out of all bottled water except Dasani:

@TY__Land / Via Twitter: @Ty__Land

14.Not being able to find hand sanitizer anywhere:

Sign on store shelf limiting disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers, and face wipes to 6 per guest due to high demand
Smith Collection / Gado via Getty Images

15. The former Governor of New York's daily presentations:

Twitter: @NYGovCuomo

16. Everyone joining TikTok and doing dances, like the "Blinding Lights" dance:


17. March 1 vs. April 1 memes:

MGM/ Twitter: @zedonarrival

18.Buying a Peloton:

Exercise bike in a living room with a TV and bookshelves
Onurdongel / Getty Images

19.Getting a quarantine dog or cat:

  Valerii Apetroaiei / Getty Images
Valerii Apetroaiei / Getty Images

20.Baking sourdough bread:

Person kneading dough on a wooden surface
Stefania Pelfini, La Waziya Phot / Getty Images

21.Making fun of celebrities for doing embarrassing things:

22.Buying a Nintendo Switch and playing Animal Crossing:

Person holding a game console with 'Animal Crossing' on the screen

23. Clapping for essential workers:

@NickJonas / Via Twitter: @feistyfrank

24. Making fun of celebrities for clapping to empty fields for essential workers:

Twitter: @SaeedDiCaprio

25.Becoming addicted to online shopping:

Package protruding from an overstuffed mailbox at a roadside
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26. Doing lots of puzzles:

Twitter: @AmbientSynthy

27. Hyper realistic cakes:

@Tasty/ @redrosecake_tubageckil / Via Twitter: @tasty

28. The memes about thinking everything is a cake:

Twitter: @AintEeenTrippin

29. Never knowing what day of the week it was:

Twitter: @kupiy

30. The "hope this email finds you well" meme:

Twitter: @emmadmazhari

31.Love is Blind:

Woman in elegant dress touches interactive wall on set, Netflix logo visible

32. Cottagecore:

Twitter: @mediocre_legend

33.Tie dye:

Five tie-dye shirts hanging on a line, indicative of past fashion trends
Melissa Ross / Getty Images

34.Cutting your own bangs:

Person trimming their bangs in front of a mirror
Kemal Yildirim / Getty Images

35.And gay guys buzzing their hair off:

Person shaving head with electric clippers, visible hair growth on sides, smiling
Eric Cahan / Getty Images

36. Taylor Swift Folklore/woods memes:

NBC / Via Twitter: @noradominick

37. Celebrities doing random online events:

Grindr/ Twitter: @hourlyXCX

38. Everyone you know doing Instagram Lives:

Twitter: @notbrendan

39.Buying Crocs unironically:

An assortment of various styles of Crocs footwear displayed on a retail store rack
Ucg / UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

40.And lastly, the #2020challenge: