47 Disgusting, Entitled, And Rude Roommates Who Actually Deserve Jail Time — But Make Sure They Don't Have Any Roommates In Jail, Either

1.This is an absolutely appalling level of laziness.

dirty dishes thrown away instead of cleaning them
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2.And this is purely diabolical.

roommate finished the other roommate's puzzle and then removed a lot of pieces
u/Carpe-Asinum / Via

3.This roommate might be a candidate for "most disgusting roommate ever."

rotting pumpkin on a window sill
u/dwarvencactus / Via

4.Never mind. I found a better contender.

block of butter with bites taken out
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5.This person expressed feelings for their roommate (who was in a relationship, BTW) then tried to kick then out.

text message
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6.Why are you taking off your clothes INSIDE the shower in the first place???

clothes left in the shower
u/OldSchoolPhotoshop / Via

7.As someone who cannot sleep if there is ANY light, this would piss me off to no end.

very bright phone screen
u/Bring_Me_The_Night / Via

8.Are...are those MAGGOTS? 🤢

maggots around the trash can and sticky mess on the floor
u/Cynessi / Via

9.This roommmate took HOUR-LONG showers every day and had the audacity to say "I don't care about your well-being" when gently confronted over it.

text messages that says, i don't care about your well being
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10.If I came home and saw this, I'd turn around and walk right back out.

trash and dirty dishes all over the living room
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11.I just threw up in my mouth a little.

someone defrosting beef by leaving it unwrapped in a sink full of water
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12.I hate when people do this. Don't buy something "for the apartment" and charge your roommate for it before asking!!! Especially if it's not essential.

text messages exchanged about new christmas decor bought
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13.I'll be honest, I have thrown out Tupperware with moldy food in it rather than clean it out, but this is a whole new level of lazy.

moldy rice thrown away in the rice cooker
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14.And this is a whole new level of petty.

roommate moved out and took his trashcan but didnt take out the trash
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15.As is this. Though I really want to know where they live that rent is $200.

$200 rent paid in one dollar bills
u/Derna_A_River / Via

16.This roommate is awful, but I'm not gonna lie, I think I may start using "being funny in an old man way."

54 year old roommate asks if they can shoot themselves in response to being asked to turn down the music
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17.This roommate tried to make a new rule where no one was allowed to lock the door, simply because they didn't want to carry keys around.

If you can't read this note, it says:

18.We've all either had this roommate or been this roommate.

a long list of alarms
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19.And this roommate.

the thinest toilet paper
u/Average_Pelican / Via

20.Headphones exist, pal!

list of messages asking to turn the music down did this even happen???

broken table with pieces everywhere
u/thethinkernut / Via

22.I legit thought these were candles when I first saw the photo.

potatoes with very long roots grown
u/Pretty_Track_7505 / Via

23.Is your roommate a pyromaniac???

keyboard is burned
u/luiscamara / Via

24.I'd be pissed.

cast iron was left to soak for 3 days
u/BobbyDalbec / Via

25.What is it with roommates and cast iron pans?

microwave splatter guard melted into a cast iron
u/Oilspillsaregood1 / Via

26.This roommate really didn't understand what a lease was.

person says they didn't sign a contract on when they would leave
u/meemster786 / Via

27.If you've ever had to take out a pile of trash that is overflowing this much, you know how infuriating it is. Now imagine doing it multiple times a week.

  u/jonessinger / Via
u/jonessinger / Via

28.I've heard of shower beers, but this is getting out of hand. Do you really need a snack for the shower? (Maybe the hour-shower guy does.)

bag of chips in the shower
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29.This is infuriating.

leftovers made in a pot put inside the fridge
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30.But this is even worse.

sink full of dirty dishes
u/CartoonThinking / Via

31.Just get your own plates!

messages about dishes and buying plates
u/bendurrhover / Via


molded food that's been left on the stove for 3 days
u/vunnymck / Via

33.Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I feel like you shouldn't be making smelly alcohol in your apartment if you have roommates.

  u/donib11 / Via
u/donib11 / Via

34.How old are we??? No one should be throwing their controller. Maybe get those little wrist straps they have for Wii remotes.

  u/boiwotm88 / Via
u/boiwotm88 / Via

35.I don't think this guy knows how to mow a lawn.

half mowed lawn
u/Hally_ / Via

36.This can't be safe.

tea mug that hasnt been cleaned out in a month and still gets reused
u/hot_boxxx / Via

37.What's the point of a giant "dirty" reminder if your roommate isn't even going to read it?

dirty dishes from the dishwasher put away
u/rocinante_donnager / Via

38.I'd be taking legal action if I were them.

roommate crashed the car that they borrowed
u/AloisDA / Via

39.Even if you don't let them borrow your car, you could still run into issues.

roommate stole and crashed their roommate's car
u/maowang99 / Via

40.This person's roommate apparently "constantly has loud stuff playing on his TV, regardless of whether or not he's in the room," and I gotta say, that's one of my biggest pet peeves. If you're going to blast the TV, at least be watching it!

  u/Chadimus_Prime / Via
u/Chadimus_Prime / Via

41.Time to change your password, bud.

roommate using the others hulu account
u/Active-Ambassador194 / Via

42.Blueberries and avocados are expensive, too!!!

molded food in the trash
u/m48_apocalypse / Via

43.I hope this roommate paid for a new monitor, but somehow I doubt it.

cracked tv screen
u/Whitedog2166 / Via

44.What is the point of this?

roommate set up a tent in the middle of the living room
u/Catboy-mew / Via

45.At least this roommate was *trying* to do something nice?

roommate washed their other roommate's clothes but shrunk it
u/TraditionalRubbish / Via

46.Not letting your roommate have your stuff (OP also clarified they'd previously told the roommate they could have a few beers from their six-pack before and the roommate drank ALL of them) is apparently "a horrible attitude."

  u/secCcosMOS / Via
u/secCcosMOS / Via

47.Sure, this note telling a roommate to clean up is a little aggressive, but replying "STFU" when you're clearly in the wrong is just rude.

  u/Andrew212N / Via
u/Andrew212N / Via