5 creepy and creative Halloween recipes

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Some of the best parts about Halloween are all the festive treats. Even the food gets to don a costume. Just by summoning a little culinary magic, jalapeños turn into mummies, and bell peppers become jack-o’-lanterns. Here are five creepy and creative recipes to try out at your next Halloween party!

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1. Spooky pumpkin cream cheese buns

It wouldn’t be Halloween without jack-o’-lanterns. The formula for these creepy cuties involves a dough made from a mix of pumpkin purée, whipped cream, eggs, flour, instant yeast, dark brown sugar, salt, cinnamon and butter. Once ready, TikToker @myloveatfirstbite wraps the dough around a cream cheese filling made from a mix of sugar and cream cheese. Next, she wraps a piece of twine around each bun, creating eight segments. After baking, the string is removed, and the buns are brought to life with a dark chocolate stem and facial features. 

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2. Cheesecake with blood and shattered glass

This recipe will literally shatter your perception of cheesecake. TikToker @spookiestcountdown splatters “blood” made from golden syrup and red food coloring onto a plain white cheesecake. To complete the cake carnage, they stick shards of “glass” made from boiled clear candies and mints in and around its center.

3. Jalapeño popper mummies

This clever recipe for jalapeño poppers turns the pepper into a fruit of the tomb. Begin by slicing the peppers from top to bottom, then scoop out the seeds. Next, roll out the crescent dough into rectangles, then use a pizza cutter to make thin, straight, even incisions between the short edges. Spread a generous layer of cream cheese into each jalapeño slice. Then take a small strip of crescent dough and wrap it diagonally down the pepper. Bake and add raisins for peeping eyes. 

4. Jack-o’-lantern stuffed bell peppers

Not only are these bell pepper jack-o’-lanterns totally cute, they’re also really easy to make. First, slice off the top of each pepper before scooping out the insides. Next, carve a face into the pepper. Then fill each pepper with a mix of ground meat, rice, tomato paste, brown sugar and water before topping it off with shredded mozzarella. Pop the tops back on the peppers, then pop them in the oven to bake.

5. Cherry pie hands

Thanks to this recipe, you can shake hands with your meal. After rolling out pie dough, TikToker @spookiestcountdown roughly traces a hand shape using skeleton bones for a model. Next, they brush the hand-shaped dough with egg wash before adding a cherry pie filling in the center of the palm, making sure to coat the fingers. Finally, they place a matching dough hand layer over the base before sending it into the oven to bake. 

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