5 Fun Decorating Trends to Try This Fall

Fall into these design trends.

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Fall has almost officially arrived. If you spent a lot of time away this summer, your home might look like it needs a little refresh. Or perhaps you’re planning to give your house a major overhaul. Either way, if you want to update your space, here are five decorating trends that will be popular for fall 2023, according to interior designers.

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Quiet Luxury

From fashion to interiors, quiet luxury is one trend we’ve been seeing everywhere. According to Katie Orr of Humphrey Orr Interiors, it's here to stay. “Quiet luxury is all about less is more—investing in timeless, sophisticated, yet understated pieces that will last for years to come. This fall, we think you will start to see rooms that feel more edited and refined, designed with furniture in classic silhouettes and layered with neutral fabrics in rich textures.”

So, go ahead. Buy the classic white bedding with an extra fluffy duvet, install those herringbone floors, and tile your bathroom in marble. You won’t regret it.

Moody Earth Tones

“We are seeing a lot of moody earth tones taking over the walls in flat paints and limewash. Colors like maroon, terracotta, browns, earthy greens, and even pinky peaches are making their way into the home," says interior designer Emma Beryl. “These colors aren’t only making an appearance in paint, they are also being seen in upholstered furniture, making sofas and chairs feel luxurious and cozy at the same time.”

If you want to incorporate more earth tones in your home, consider repainting your walls or mixing things up with new pillows on your bed or sofa.

Soft Light Fixtures

This season, Beryl is opting for soft light fixtures crafted from plaster, paper, and rattan. “Not to say that bronze and other metals are out of style—they are just being adapted to add more warmth and texture to spaces,” says the designer. “Plaster light fixtures are a good choice for someone who wants their light to blend into the design and not stand out too much. Iron is also making a comeback as it shows imperfections and feels more natural. It also adds texture and depth and can easily be mixed with many different fabrics and finishes.”

Ambiguous Shapes

We started to see a lot of ambiguously-shaped decor this year, such as mirrors. This will only continue in the upcoming season with unusual shapes and curved decor. “Autumn makes the perfect playground for granny-chic florals to share space with modern, unique eccentricities from every era,” says interior designer Bethanie Jean. “By mixing our old or more traditional design staples with funky sculptural pieces, we are designing homes that offer cozy charm alongside futuristic daydreaming. I’m here for it.”

Unique Textiles

Jean anticipates that prints and patterns will be popular this autumn. “Printed upholsteries are having a major resurgence, and I only expect this trend to grow with demand. We are still relishing in this peak season of wallpaper in general and these autumnal prints can be found blooming with mysterious hidden objects. Autumn is perfect for anthropomorphic inspiration. Everything from sly woodland creatures amidst a traditional damask to psychedelic butterflies emerging from a classic chintz,” she says. 

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