5 overnight oats recipes to help kick-start your mornings

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Looking for a healthy and filling breakfast that you can eat before you head out the door? Enter overnight oats, an oatmeal alternative usually made from a combination of rolled oats, milk and yogurt that’s stored overnight in the refrigerator. Overnight oats can be customized with various tasty flavors and are one of the easiest meals to make in advance, hence its growing appeal on TikTok. If you’re looking for new ways to boost your meal prep game, here are five tasty overnight oats recipes to get you through each day of the work week.

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1. Fudgy four-ingredient overnight oats

For a breakfast that tastes like dessert, look no further than this fudgy four-ingredient overnight oats recipe. Start by adding rolled oats, unsweetened cacao powder, maple syrup and almond milk to a Mason jar. Next, stir until thoroughly combined before refrigerating for at least three hours or until it has a pudding-like consistency.

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2. Strawberry cheesecake overnight oats

This overnight oats recipe features a flavorful combination of cheesecake and strawberries. First, add rolled oats to a Mason jar. Next, pour in almond milk, followed by honey and cheesecake-flavored Jell-O mix. Thoroughly stir the ingredients. Then top with fresh diced strawberries before storing them in the refrigerator overnight.

3. Peanut butter and jelly overnight oats

Try these peanut butter and jelly-inspired overnight oats for some sweet childhood nostalgia. Begin by adding rolled oats, your milk of choice, vanilla Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, maple syrup and chia seeds to a bowl. Next, combine the ingredients. Then transfer them to a ramekin dish. Top the oats with a jam made from mashed strawberry slices and coconut sugar cooked on a skillet, followed by a layer of peanut butter powder combined with vanilla Greek yogurt. Finally, completely cover the peanut butter and yogurt mixture with tempered chocolate and coconut oil before refrigerating overnight.

4. Cosmic Brownie overnight oats

These Cosmic Brownie-inspired overnight oats are out of this world! First, add rolled oats, vanilla whey powder and cocoa powder to a dish. Next, add your favorite sweetener, almond milk and Greek yogurt. Thoroughly mix the ingredients. Then add a layer of frosting made from sweetener, cocoa powder, whey and almond milk. Finally, top with sprinkles before letting it sit in the fridge overnight.

5. Lemon poppy seed overnight oats

Lemon poppy seed overnight oats are simply the “zest!” Start by combining rolled oats, protein powder, sweetener, poppy seeds, lemon zest, lemon juice, yogurt and almond milk in a Mason jar. Next, top with a glaze made from yogurt, maple syrup, poppy seeds and lemon zest. Refrigerate for at least five hours. Then serve with a few lemon slices.

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